Ozzy Osbourne Has a Man Cold

I think I called Service Canada about 100 times today before I actually got through. Every time you call you have to go through this series of messages about tax slips before they finally tell you that they are experiencing high call volumes and can’t take you call. It is not a call, hang up, redial, hang up, repeat situation. The last time I called and got through I was just about to get a different phone because the battery in the cordless was about to die. And after all that my employer still hasn’t forwarded my Record of Employment so I am back where I started. meh

Ozzy-bat1The Black Sabbath concert my husband went to was canceled because Ozzy Osbourne has sinusitis. Really? I connect Ozzy Osbourne circa Bite the Head off a Bat/Dove and snorting live ants. Now he is sinusitis. You wait and see. He will be breaking a hip next and that will be the end of him.


12 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne Has a Man Cold

  1. HAHAHahaahahahaaaa! That picture of Ozzy could stand for your attitude after finding out your employer screwed up.

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