A Week of Uninteresting

I continue to recover from my hysterectomy and have been putting off posting because how many times can I post about what I have watched on Netflix? Last night I tried to watch 50 First Dates because I adore Drew Barrymore. It has never been on my watch list because as much as I love Drew I despise Adam Sandler. Pray tell, why is he so popular? He is neither talented or good looking. Anyway, I gave it a go. Seven minutes in I wanted to scratch my eyes out. But, Drew Barrymore! (I think I have a girl crush.) I kept watching but finally my dislike for Adam Sandler grew too immense and I turned it off after 50 minutes. My review. Don’t waste 50 minutes watching 50 First Dates.

Yesterday was my (step) dad’s birthday and we were all going to meet at my sister’s today for his birthday but he is sick. My dad is one of those people that never gets sick and when he does he isn’t really sick so for him to cancel he is really sick. In fact, I don’t remember him canceling anything ever before today because he doesn’t feel well. Now that my mom is gone and no longer there to nag him I have taken up the mantle of nagging. When we talked on the phone this morning I ordered him to the drop in clinic. Right now I am waiting for him to call me back and I will send you a defunct Canadian penny (you pay for the postage) if he doesn’t come back with antibiotics.  He may also need a inhalers and prednisone but I won’t be betting any pennies on that.

My husband left for the airport this morning to go to Calgary. Originally I was supposed to go with him but I am not well enough yet. He is going to a concert. Judas Priest? AC/DC? Black Sabbath? Ozzy Osborne? I don’t know. I was going to go to Calgary but not the concert. OK, it was bugging me so I looked it up. It is Black Sabbath. If you want to know the type of person I am think everything you know about Black Sabbath. Now think the opposite. Now you have me. After I dropped my husband at the airport I stopped at Tim Horton’s and got myself a coffee. Cue the Hallelujah Chorus. It has been ages (about 6 days) since I had a Tim Horton’s coffee. Oh, Tim! Oh, coffee as it should be!

Norbert was having one of his silly 5 minutes, tearing around the house at a great speed. Now he is on the end of my bed sitting in front of the heater.  He is exhausted, poor baby.

Well, it is time to be somewhat productive. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded.

Addendum – I was right about my dad on all points. He needs antibiotics, inhalers and the prednisone. Just call me Dr. Birdie.


15 thoughts on “A Week of Uninteresting

  1. Your dad is lucky to have someone like you in his life to nag him and keep him healthy. I hope he’s feeling better soon. I can’t stand Adam Sandler either. That annoying voice he always does makes me really wonder about the people who think he’s great, and by the way my husband enjoys his movies. UG!
    Black Sabbath, well I’m not a fan nor is my husband but he’d probably go anyway. We went to Johnny Winter not too long ago (he’s since died) but I only went because my husband did. A trip to Calgary would have been nice but not when you aren’t up to it.
    Your Norbert stories make me smile.

  2. I’m not a fan of Adam Sandler at all either. His movies are stupid and juvenile. But having said that, there’s one of his movies that I just LOVE — “Don’t Mess with the Zohan.” I even bought a copy of it on DVD for repeated viewing, gawd help me. It’s equally stupid and juvenile but for some reason it resonates with me, LOL. I think it’s because the underlying theme is the desire to be yourself despite social and family expectations.

  3. I know you’re getting better because your sense of humor has returned. I hope your Dad will be okay. Norbert is a lucky cat and he knows it.

  4. I, too, am weirdly good at diagnosing. Sometimes it’s frightening.
    Black Sabbath? Really? OMG. Well, some men go hunting and some go to bars and some to to Black Sabbath concerts. You get what you get.

  5. It seems like dads need to be nagged sometimes to take care of themselves. I hope he’s better soon. My cats can handle about 5 minutes of extreme exercise (craziness), too. Then they sleep for the next five, six or 12 hours because of the exhaustion 🙂

  6. Sadly I do not care for Adam Sandler or Drew Barrymore. I was able to tolerate 50 First Dates more than most because I saw it in the theater with a bunch of crazy friends. Glad your dad is getting some good help with his illness.

  7. Dear Dr. Birdie, It was so good to read your blog again. Some blogs are like that for me…when the blogger takes a break I miss them terribly. Yours is one I check every day to see what bit of wisdom you have shared with the world. You never disappoint . I love the Norbert stories. We have a new kitten too. His name is Jax. I could watch his antics all day long. Glad to hear you are feeling better. In my previous life when I worked outside of the home I was the Triage person who answered the phone at the Dr.s office. In other words, if you called for an appointment and complained of, say, a headache, I would then ask a series of questions about your symptoms in order to decide if an appt. was needed with the Dr. or if a trip to the ER was needed I. Loved.It. I miss it. I was good at it. Oh well. And also I cannot tell you how much I dislike Adam Sandler and ALL OF HIS MOVIES! Blech! Lovely chatting with you friend 🙂

  8. Omg and then Black Sabbath cancels…
    I love Adam Sandler! I have the comedic sensibilities of a 12 year old boy though. I love all three of the movies he paired up with Drew to make. To hear her talk about him, she has always felt destined to work with him.
    I binge watched two seasons of Brooklyn 99. Netflix addiction is a thing, I think.

  9. I hate Adam Sandler too but I did watch the whole movie. It was sooooo cute!
    Yes! You have proved something in my household that I have been trying to prove to David for soooo long. We women know when the men are sicker than dogs. Yet the dog continues to believe things are just fine. Personally, I wish my dad was still alive. I think that if he were, then I would be visiting home much more than I do today. My mother is just the opposite of yours, My mother is still alive and I hate her guts. My brother and I have said that we will throw a grand ol’ party when she dies. Yes, we hate her that much. She is an abusive person and deserves a harder life than what she is living right now.

  10. Oh Birdie, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Im just in a weird place right now…..crazy. LOL I watched a netflix movie last night that I think you will love. So don’t resolve to stop movie watching yet :o)…..its called Next Year, Jerusalem about a Jewish elder care home and they take this group of 90+ year olds to Israel. It is so precious. Its a documentary…. I loved it. The trip “overseer” helped one woman to float in the dead sea….I just thought “He is helping her to experience the last big huge event of her life to the fullest!” It made me cry.
    I hope you feel better and better. And I would so totally prefer a weekend home alone vs seeing Black Sabbath. Absolutely. Totally, For sure! ❤

  11. Glad to hear that your dad got in to get the meds he needs, I hope he gets better quickly! He is lucky to have you! While it too bad you couldn’t go on your trip, are you enjoying some quiet time in the house? I usually look forward to alone time, then once I get it, I don’t really like it, lol 🙂 I don’t even know what we did before Netflix because that is all we have been doing over here too – We have been streaming Gilmore Girls. Didn’t watch it the first time around…mindless entertainment! xoxo

  12. You didn’t like 50 First Dates?! I’m not an Adam Sandler fan, never have been, I don’t get the hype but I love Drew. It is actually one of the few movies I have watched more than once (more than 10 times even) and I love. I think it is more because it is a movie that my husband and I watch with the girls and it’s nostalgic because I watched it for the first time when we were dating. I know you had a lot more than that going on in your post but I couldn’t stop thinking about how this movie somehow won me over a little bit 😉

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