It isn’t insomnia because I am actually able to fall asleep. There was a point last night when when I was so tired that I was just sort of walking around the house in a daze. I got my cup of milk and went to bed and considered reading but it took too much effort to hold my e reader open so I closed my eyes and was asleep within seconds. Now it is coming up 5:00 in the morning and I am wide awake. This is a drag because my circadian rhythm is completely messed up. Sleepiness will come over me at about 6:00 and then I will sleep way too late and then the same thing will happen tomorrow night. It seems as if this is not uncommon because the hysterectomy site I go on has a group of women who had a hysterectomy the same week as I and most of us are having the same problem. Maybe it is hormones? Did you know that even if you keep your ovaries they go through a time where they shut down after a hysterectomy? No, I didn’t either.

Did I mention that I got a new e reader? I had a first generation Sony e reader and it was the coolest thing for its time but it eventually kinda got all buggy. Before buying the Kindle I did a lot of research and wanted the one you can drop in water but it was too expensive. Now I have the Kindle and I am loving it. It will never ever replace books for me but I do like it a lot. My old reader didn’t have a light on it and this one does.  I also like my e reader because some of you have books that I was only able to read on my laptop before but now I can read on my Kindle. Yay!

Why am I so hungry? I just had a big bowl of my homemade chicken vegetable soup and a piece of pizza and I am still ravenous. I am not a small woman and have to watch every mouthful lest I end up on a TV show about weight intervention. I guess that is not a nice thing to say. But my German/Austrian blood flows thick in these veins and I will never be a small woman.

TMI Alert. Yesterday I posted about having problems with constipation since my surgery. It was my own fault because I got too cocky and stopped taking the Lactulose the surgeon recommended I take. I started taking it again and everything is as it should be. Having a good shit takes 10 years off, I am not kidding.

11 thoughts on “Hyposomnia

  1. Your body is healing, let it sleep when it wants to.
    It is hard to measure the value of a good poop without sounding gross, but you really can’t beat a good shit!

  2. Amazing how such a simple and basic thing as being able to poop means.
    Everything will straighten itself out when healing is further along. Keep hope.

  3. I have a Kobo Arc which is more of a tablet than an e-reader but I just use it to read books because I can keep books on it that have pictures like a cook book. I can’t do that with the Kindle I have. I also have stacks of real books too. I think I may have a problem.

  4. My Sony e-Reader went all kablooey and I had to buy a new reader or read off my laptop, ugh. I also went and bought a Kindle. They were on clearance on Amazon and I was able to buy one for under $50. I can’t wait to go to the library and get my Kindle set up to borrow books.
    My mother was the same way, her circadian rhythm was all out of wack from her hysterectomy. We paid for it dearly because she became pure hell to live with.

  5. It sounds like you just have to go with your body’s rhythms and not fight them. And the poop, yeah. It makes you feel better. I’m glad things are coming along.

  6. I’m having my own poop dilemmas having been on the inside for this long, congrats to you and your poo! Reminds me of a Golden Girls when Sophia hasn’t had a BM in 10 days hahaha

  7. You would THINK, given my apparent fondness for all things related to poo, I’d comment on that. But I actually have an intelligent question for once! Can you read an e-reader lying on your side? I read in bed every night, and I always lie on my side, using one hand to hold the book. Seems as if this would be tricky with an inflexible (?) e-reader. .

  8. I guess you’re sleeping? Hope you’re slowing feeling better and the poops keep on coming. Seriously sounds like you are having a hard time with recovery, hope you are having plenty of check ups. Take care. xx

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