Because I Should

I am posting because I feel like I should but let me tell you that there is nothing new. Nothing.
Yesterday was the worst day for pain since my hysterectomy. Most of the oxycodone prescription is still left but I did take one for this terrible stabbing pain on my right side (TMI Alert) I think it is because I have been rather “backed up” as my grandfather used to say. I have been eating well but apparently that doesn’t make a difference. I decided to have a nap and Norbert (my cat) was being all nice and affectionate and had a nap with me. But then I accidentally touched his tail and he got all bitey so I scolded him and he ran away. He came back again later but he just glared at me.

Today I watched something on Netflix but it must have been forgettable.

Oh! I forgot to tell you a story. Several weeks back I was at a 4-way stop. I arrived at the same time as a driver to the left of me so who had the right of way? I did. I start moving but the person on the left in their big truck hits the gas and almost hit me and then the passenger flipped me the bird with both hands. I just sat and stared but something about the passenger’s face burned into my brain. Maybe it was because she made this face while doing it. Anyway… January 4th rolls around and I am in the admitting room waiting to be brought into surgery and who walks in? Bitch woman who fingered me! I had to stare at her for about 5 seconds before it dawned on me. She was staring at me trying to place me.  But here is the best part! OMG! She was there to have surgery on her fucking hand! She had broken it! I smirked at her but she just looked away. (I couldn’t help it. I mean. come on?) So take that, bitch! All of you who have been reading my blog know I am usually not one to delight in anyone’s misfortune but this was fucking poetic justice.

OK, now that I have let loose some nastiness I should go to sleep. But I know I won’t because I am not a bit tired even though it is 12:30 p.m.

9 thoughts on “Because I Should

  1. Hope I’m not being too pushy here… Call your doc if you haven’t. The first thing my dad (who performs hysterectomies) asks patients afterwards is “have you farted?”

  2. Hope the pain lessens very soon. Yes talk to your doctor as not sure the pain should be getting worse?

    Road rage is the worst! I find myself completely changed sometimes when I am behind the wheel. Hopefully I would never get out of the car and hurt someone though! Scary!

  3. Get some All Bran buds and bananas. Have as much as you can gag down for breakfast every morning. Drink lots of water. It works like a hot damn!

  4. Wow that was some poetic justice! Hope some bran work for ya, I’m having my own problems here at inpatient *grumblegrumble* Feel better 🙂

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