Since my surgery I have been making lists of things I need to do but I keep forgetting to actually look at the list so things are not getting done. One of the things is calling my surgeon about my pre-op appointment which I should have done 2 weeks ago. Every night before bed I tell myself that I am going to call tomorrow and ever day I forget. This afternoon I did fill out the online application for Employment Insurance so I did do one thing on my list.

This afternoon I made chicken vegetable soup and now I am sore and sleepy.The things that we do that we take for granted, eh? It looks and tastes good and it will last for many meals. It is boring sitting around every day and I had to do something.

As usual, I am years behind everyone else. I watched Six Feet Under four years after it had gone off the air. Yesterday I watched Big Fish on Netflix. Where was I when this movie came out? I loved it!  When I looked it up I just assumed it was a newer movie but it is 2003.  Netflix continues to be pretty much my only form of entertainment. Maybe I should take out my cross stitch but I really don’t know if I can concentrate that long on anything. I do have some of those adult colouring books but have trouble with those as well.

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  1. I got my granddaughter one of those adult coloring books for Christmas. They are cool, but I don’t have the patience. I do that with the list, too… make it and never look at it.

    We love Netflix. I’m watching Gilmore Girls. I don’t even know when that was on television…. years and years ago probably. It’s a luxury to have so much variety at my fingertips. Things sure have changed.

    Feel better. These things do take time, don’t they?

  2. At least you have an excuse for being so forgetful and tired. I keep writing a list and then putting everything off and falling asleep sitting up. I’m not sure why I’m so exhausted but I just can’t seem to get enough sleep.

  3. Big Fish is on my list of movies to watch!
    I’ve been following your uterine chronicles and I’m a little envious! I don’t know if Molly would survive me being out of commission. I’d have to kennel her, probably!
    Have you watched Wentworth?! It’s good!!!

  4. No worries about watching stuff after “everyone” else has. My husband and I do it ALL the time and it doesn’t matter. We just finished Game of Thrones — all the way to 5th season. We’re like that … we can wait for things. We STILL haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie because we waiting until most people watch it and get it out of their system! 🙂

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