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On the phone and on hold and probably will be for an hour yet because their agents are assisting other clients but my call is important  to them… or some such nonsense. And the background musac is so loud I can hear it across the room and it’s not even on speaker. Though I am eternally grateful for our healthcare here in Canada it is not without its problems. Though minor in comparison with some of the problems my friends to the south have encountered, they are still time consuming and annoying. It is actually my extended provider that makes most of the problems but even then, they are just annoyances. After this phone call my extended insurance will pay 80% of my inhaler that currently costs me $160.00 a month. If I didn’t have this coverage through my employer I would have to pay this on my own. This all is a result of my asthma flareup from the person burning in their backyard.

That was written yesterday…

Anyone else watching Making a Murderer? It is endlessly exhausting. I cried when the 16 year old nephew was being interviewed. Maybe because he reminded me of my own quiet and introverted son at that age. Quite frankly, I am surprised that there is so much excitement around the Avery fellow and not so much around the younger nephew, Brendan. Even more disconcerting is this is a show about white people. Would it have got as much attention if it were a black or Hispanic family? In the end, it is just sad.  Corrupt police (we have them here in Canada,  a lot of them), poverty  and lack of education. His parents actually remind me of my own mom and (step) dad. “Simple Folk”,  as they say. Lack of education, neither of my parents graduated high school. My (step) dad has dyslexia and worked at a sawmill. My mom quit school in grade 10 and was a cashier. Though poverty was not an issue, they both worked in good union jobs, they still never would have been able to afford an attorney if this sort of thing happened in our family.


Healing takes a long time and I am doing just that. I did go for a walk today between the rain showers. The river by our house was high and rushing fast. It was so low after our dry summer it was rather scary.


9 thoughts on “Universal Health Care

  1. I am also grateful for our Universal Health Care. It too has its problems and its inadequacies, but I am so glad it is there.
    I don’t think we get Making a Murderer. I haven’t seen it anyway, but it is something my partner would have on.
    I am glad that you got your walk. Keep healing.

  2. I wish we had universal health care here. Instead, everyone seems to prefer to get fucked, and not in a good way!

    Glad you are feeling well enough to take a walk.

  3. I am very grateful for our universal health care. Sure it has its problems that should be addressed but being able to seek medical car at any time without worrying about the financial aspects of it is wonderful.

    I have not watched “Making a Murderer”, so I don’t know what’s in it. And up until yesterday I didn’t know what it was all about and decided to look up some information. When I finally understood what’s going on, I zoomed in on Brendan. Anyone with a shred of common sense can see that he’s learning-disabled and should never have been left alone with the police or any type of authority. There is a lot of focus on Avery but very little, if any, on Brendan. Is Avery guilty? I don’t know. But I do feel that there was gross negligence in Brendan’s representation and that his conviction is much more questionable.

  4. Well, we have that much hassle and far more, dealing with insurance companies if we are lucky enough to have an insurance company so yes, be grateful.
    I am glad you are healing. Slowly is okay.

  5. Sounds like you healing, continue taking it slow. Try to enjoy the time, I am trying to do the same. As for that documentary, Rob was obsessed when it was first released and I just couldn’t watch much more than what I saw in passing. The details just piss me off.

  6. OMG that “but you’re SOOOOOOOO important to us” nonsense — sorry, I got stuck on that line and had terrible flashbacks to the one time — wait, EVERY TIME I have to talk to someone about insurance. Gah!

    Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

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