I went to Costco today. I did. But not alone. My new glasses have been ready since the day before my hysterectomy and didn’t have enough poof to get there before now. They are very nice frames and I would take a picture but the rest of me looks like the wreck of the hesperus. My mom used to say she looked like the wreck of the hesperus and now I say it. I wonder where she picked it up? See? This is the sort of shit you want to ask people after they die.


I will not be showing a picture of my new glasses. Maybe another day. I bought only 8 items at Costco and my husband lifted and carried all of them except the raspberries and Gaviscon. The optical lady and I had a good laugh because we figured I should get one of those automated scooters. I didn’t.ย  When we got home the entire neighbourood was full of smoke because a neighbour was burning a fire so big that you could see it over the fence. I try not to begrudge people burning but it is wicked on my asthma. My inhaler costs $160.00 a month. Thankfully, I have extended benefits that pays for part of it. Anyway, the fire trucks ended up showing up and now the fire is out.

I am feeling pretty good. Not sleeping at night and very tired during the day. I slept until 1:00 this afternoon. The only reason I woke up is because my husband feared me dead and came to check on me. Apparently after a hysterectomy, even when you keep your ovaries your hormones go all wacky. You ovaries go through a time where they shut down so that probably explains why my sleep/wake cycle is a mess.

Norbert is sleeping in the Costco box. I mostly get the box for him. Carrying stuff is secondary.



10 thoughts on “Costco

  1. I’m glad that you’re “coming along” and now getting out and about. There’s nothing like a new pair of glasses to get you going, I’m certain. Ha. Just teasing. Be well, dear Birdie!

  2. How did you only buy 8 things at Costco?
    Do you buy their rotiserrie chickens? They are fabulous…
    Glad you are out and about…
    Linda :o)

  3. I’m glad you got the chance to go out for a while. OMG! Inhalers are atrocious price wise. Our insurance pays 80%, thank God. David has a bad time of it in mid-Jan and Feb because it’s cedar season. He goes thru inhalers like they were candy.

  4. I find Costco completely overwhelming. Too big, too many people, too much ‘stuff’. I am very glad that you got out though. And, from the sound of it, had a great time.
    Mmmm raspberries…

  5. Looking and/or feeling like “the wreck of the Hesperus” was a common phrase when I was a kid too. I think it’s fallen out of favour now simply because we live in less classically literate times.

  6. Glad you are resting and glad that you got out a bit, I think it’s good for the sanity! Baby Bananaface likes Costco boxes too, as did Millie, so Norbert ain’t alone there! I also think that you could share a picture of your glasses without them having to be on your face, maybe Norbert could model? or a potted plant? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep feelin’ better dear

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