Post Nap

I just got up from a nap. Notice I didn’t say woke up because I didn’t actually sleep because my body doesn’t do well with narcotics. Currently I am taking a very low dose of Oxycontin because in the past I almost died from taking a Oxycodone. It was very scary. It was after I had a tooth pulled. Never having been on any narcotic before besides Tylenol with Codeine, which I developed an allergy to, the dental surgeon put me on Oxycodone. In my naive drug-free world I took it as prescribed. 2 tablets every 4 hours. After about the third dose I was so stoned I couldn’t move. Not kidding, I couldn’t move. I wanted to move onto my side but I couldn’t. And then I clearly remember forgetting to breathe. My stoned brain was thinking ever so slowly, “Hmmmm. I ammmmm nooooot breeeathhhinggg” and then I would force myself to take a breath. My dad had stopped by to visit and asked my how I was doing and all I could say was, “Fiiiiiiiiiiiine”.  It was terrifying, because I couldn’t communicate that I was not fine. And then, thank god, I threw up and never took another one. I was and still am angry with the dental surgeon for not telling me a single thing about the drug and to start off with a small dose. Anyway, I am taking a half dose from what the doctor prescribed and it is 1/8 of the dose I took when my tooth was pulled but it is still making me feel not myself so I think I am done with them. The pain is easier to deal with.

Today I was reading from my first blog. Things I don’t even remember are in there. Which makes me glad that I keep a blog because life goes by so fast. One of the posts was about my daughter losing a tooth and now she is getting ready to graduate.

Well, my husband is watching Hockey Night in Canada and I think I need a bath. I have the post-surgery stench. I have been bathing every day. What’s up with that?

5 thoughts on “Post Nap

  1. Might be time to switch over to Ibuprofen. I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out (I was in my twenties) and I had been prescribed Percodan. Remember that? After about 36 hours of taking it as prescribed, I realized that I had to stop taking it right that second or I would be selling my body on the street to buy more. Oh my but it was wonderful while it lasted.

  2. I once took Norco after dental surgery. Within minutes a psychedelic chameleon that looked like it was made from shag carpeting crawled up on to my bed and started walking towards me across the blanket. That freaked me out. I never took that stuff again. I am an Ibuprofen girl from now on. And by that I don’t mean Vicoprofen. I mean plain old Advil or Motrin. I absolutely hate pain meds and how they make me feel. Seems like you are feeling a bit better…glad to hear that. Love your sense of humor Birdie.

  3. That’s amazing walking down memory lane and finding those things.

    I think I had Vicodin after my wisdom tooth removal but all it did was make me sleepy so I didn’t take it for very long…. My heating pad is my favorite drug ❤ oh, wait, maybe coffee? Eh, I just hope you feel better soon 🙂

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