If I didn’t feel so sleepy I would feel just fine.

Norbert is being a good guardian but I think he has ulterior motives. My husband brought me some daffodils and Norbert wants to snack on them. He is just waiting until I get up and leave for a minute or two.

I have a bran muffin sitting beside me that I should be eating but I can’t bring myself to eat it. It is store-bought. Why do they have to use so much sugar? It is overly sweet and heavy.

My nails need to be cut but I keep forgetting to get the nail clippers when I go to the bathroom.

The product Gas X doesn’t help at all and it a waste of money.

I think I will just eat the top of the muffin. (Top of the Muffin, to You!!)

Time for a nap.

8 thoughts on “Fragments

  1. Hi Birdie, I never use any over the counter remedies for cold, flu, gas, etc. Lemon water may help. Norbert’s ulterior motives had me laughing. Enjoy your nap. πŸ™‚

  2. Cats are so funny! Are daffodils poisoness to them? Anyway I hope Norbert at least got his nose close to sniff them, must have been torment for him! Feel better soon Birdie.

  3. You sound like you’re still a bit out of it. At least, you are resting. Enjoy the time off. Norbert is just like Lucy. They love to watch over us and steal our food, not to mention they will lie down in our place in bed if we get up.

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