It’s a Blur

The last few days have pretty much been a blur. The first day or two things were oh, so lovely with narcotics and leftover anesthetic running through my system.  So far today I have not taken an Qxycodone but I think I will tonight before bed. Today I even got up and did a little. I just can’t lay in bed doing nothing so I made myself a scrambled egg but that exhausted me. It is good to get up and do shit because it helps with healing and prevents blood clots but there is a fine line between doing nothing and doing too much. Even though I have been reading blogs I am not commenting very much because pretty much every word I type comes up as a misspell. So far in this post I have had to retype about 75% of the words. In thise sentence I will not use speellcheck and look how that tunes out, Ir s a lookte confusing.

Ok, enough of that. My husband is making popcorn and then I am going to sleep.

8 thoughts on “It’s a Blur

  1. I remember narcotics as being blissful. I could definitely become addicted to that soft painfree blur.
    Rest while you can, and listen to your body when it says you need to sleep.

  2. I am glad that you’re healing and hope you are back to your normal, chipper self soon. Keep resting and hopefully lay off the narcotics soon!

  3. BWAAAHAHAHAAAhaaahahahaaa!!
    I’m sorry but that’s a hilarious post. So you have both eyes in the same socket. Take them out and wash them off. I’m sure things will look much better.

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