Home Again, Home Again…

But without the jiggity jig. 

All went really well. Other than a bit of pain that OxyContin is taking care of and being very tired I am doing great. Couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon and caring nurses.  

And now to rest and sleep. Will tell. Some funny stories later. 

11 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again…

  1. Careful with that painkiller…the most addictive on the market from what I’ve read. Sleep well and heal quickly. Hugs!

  2. Don’t be afraid to use the Oxy for your pain. You are not going to get addicted.
    Thank you for letting us know you are okay. I have been thinking about you all day.

  3. Glad to hear you are doing well. I hope the rest of your recover goes well and you are back to better than your old self soon.

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