2 More Sleeps

What am I blog about after my hysterectomy? Half my posts lately have been about unwanted cycles and the wait for it to be done. My daughter sent me a text a few hours ago saying she was on the bus and got her period. And I suppose that is going to be the way for women forever and ever, world without end, amen.

I have not been a good blogging friend. Getting through and 0ver Christmas has been exhausting and working through it even more so. My asthma is full on. My oxygen levels are probably around 30 %. Ok, that is a lie but I know they are lower than they should be because of how tired I am. Tomorrow I hope to have the time to get to the drop-in clinic. It is almost impossible to see a doctor over the Christmas holidays unless you show up at the clinic at opening. I have no problem with that but I can’t go because I am working and then after work they have reached capacity and have closed. (Not everything about Universal Healthcare is roses and sunshine.)  As for my asthma, if I don’t talk or move around too much I am fine.

Anyway, my work iPhone just binged and I got my schedule for tomorrow. I don’t start until 7:30! Woot! I get to sleep in.


9 thoughts on “2 More Sleeps

  1. Asthma sounds like a sonabitch. Just a few seconds of feeling like I can’t get enough oxygen and I freak! I hope the doc gets you sorted lickity split.

    Yay for sleeping in!

  2. I hope that afterwards you are blogging (briefly) about how amazing you are feeling. You now have sooooo much energy that blogging takes a back seat while you do a kazillion other things…

  3. You take care of your health and don’t worry about us blog friends. You never need to apologize to us. I hope you can get in to see someone about your asthma. Take care and update us when you can.

  4. Asthma is a bitch. I remember when my little brother had it. OY! Can’t you get in to see a doctor on an emergency? I hope you can get to see a doctor.
    Oh, you asked how I was doing on my blog. I’m supposed to see my back pain specialist on the 8th(Friday). I have a feeling I’m due for another set of those “lovely” spinal nerve injections. I’ve been making David do most of the work around the house. hee hee hee. At least, it keeps him out of trouble. He goes back to work on (tomorrow)Monday. I’m doing backflips in my mind at the very thought of it.

  5. This is Granny Annie and I have lost my ability to post again on your blog but I will figure it out again. Meanwhile I read and keep wishing you well.

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