6 Days and Counting

I have been counting down to a hysterectomy since I was  12. I got my first period on the last day of grade 7. That was June 24, 1983. The first time was a pain in the ass because we were having a pool party that day. So my periods have been a drag since the beginning. I am getting nervous though. What if I die during surgery? I could bleed to death of be given a lethal dose of anesthetic or get a blood clot. Yes. This is the type of shit I worry about.

meh.  Anyway.

Norbert pulled his notorious fast one again today. I looked in the backyard and noticed he had got outside. I went to the sundeck and called him but the sonofabitch ran off. So I came back inside and he was in his cardboard box in front of the fireplace. The cloned Norbert strikes again.

You know what? I have eczema under my eyes and it is so itchy! It is driving me crazy. Today I finally got some hydrocortisone but who gets eczema under their eyes?

Well, the dishwasher is needing to be unloaded and laundry folded so that is that for now.



13 thoughts on “6 Days and Counting

  1. We are counting down with you.
    Re the Norbert Clone. Many years ago we had a cat named Medlyn. I was looking for him one day when I met a distraught (and bleeding) woman from down the street. She was going out and had scooped up her cat Pongo from the front veranda. Except he wasn’t Pongo and didn’t take kindly to it…

  2. Thinking about you as you count down the days. Try not to think about the negative what if’s and keep focusing on the extreme jealousy I will feel each month that mine continues on 😉 Love you and sending lots of positive energy your way.

  3. You will be fine….
    Just make sure you rest after…seriously…rest….
    I speak from experience….
    Hugs to you Barbara…
    Happy New Year….indeed!


  4. Anticipation is usually the worst part. You will feel so much better on the other side. Not much longer now. 🙂

  5. I may have to ask for one too, I’m still suffering. I fear the same things you do. I could tell a million stories about how my period has done me wrong but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t remember the DATE!
    Try coconut oil on your face.

  6. Nearly there! Yep the worries before or during any treatment sound familiar! It’s scary I know but you can do it. I’m taking some god awful tablets I was prescribed yesterday and have made the mistake of reading the side effects and warnings leaflet! Now I’m convinced I’m going to get a blood clot! The doctor didn’t ask for a family history and now I’ve read all about it I think I know better than she does. She was a trainee also! Not convinced I shouldn’t have just not gone to the doctor and let nature take it’s course lol! Aren’t we so funny! Xxx

  7. Everyone worries about those things (if they have half a brain cell or more) it’s totally normal. Reading about your period woes makes it sound well worth the risk! But it’s still scary. Fretting along with you 🙂

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