For the Sad Souls

There is so much excitement and anticipation and expectation this time of the year. It is a happy time for a lot of people but it is not for far too many. I guess my job makes me see the melancholy side of the season. So many people that have no friends or family. Friends have died, family is non-existent or far away. This last week I could have easily invited 25 different clients to my home for Christmas but that is frowned upon by my employer. Our contract states that we are not to have relationships outside of work for the people we care for. I may not be able to have them in my home but they are with me nonetheless.  It is not possible that I can leave these people at work where they likely belong. No, I hold them in my heart.


This post is for all of you that are feeling sad or grieving or feeling inadequate. For all of you that are burdened by the state of the planet, all that anger and hatred.

Because there is so much more than that. There is love and generosity and there are way more people that believe in peace than people who cause discord. There are people like all of you, the people that care about me and my life. You are the people, albeit strangers, that make me believe that there is way more love out there than we can possibly know.

I hope this is making sense.  I am feeling especially blue today. Missing my mom. Anxious about all these new health issues. But I am deeply, deeply grateful for all of you, my friends, my soul sisters and brothers. Have I told you all how much I love you? Because I do and I love that you honor me by reading this silly little blog of mine.

I send you all the love that is in me. All I ask is that you pass it on.



8 thoughts on “For the Sad Souls

  1. Thank you for doing what you do and for being the kind soul that you are. I have been a bit blue myself today missing folks but as Martha points out, focusing on the good brings some hope. Hugs to you.

  2. Merry Christmas to you Birdie. Sending you lots of peaceful feelings and I hope your health problems are all worked out in the New Year.

  3. Very good post that made a whole lot of sense to me. You are a wonderful person Birdie and bring joy to my life, which is a very special thing to me. Thinking of you and sending love right back at ya. Even if you don’t have a capital M Merry Christmas, I hope you have at least a little m merry Christmas, every little moment of joy counts ❤ and there is so much joy in your heart, even when you can't glow it still peeps out. Stay you. Your feelings are okay even if they don't feel so good, makes a lot of sense to me 🙂

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