There is This


2015-12-16 19.55.54I am not sure exactly what the purpose of this little piece of bric-a-brac is but I love it. There is a story behind it. My mother, as I have been, was plagued with “female problems”. She started her period when she was 9 and didn’t know what it was. As mine, her monthly cycles were awful. I am getting my hysterectomy at 44 but she was in her mid-thirties when she had enough and got her uterus ripped out. When she did it was the time when the surgeon ripped you from stem to stern and it took months to fully recover. Her best friend got her this little ornament of cat laying on its tummy because she knew it would be months before she could sleep on her stomach. She gave it to me before she died. It was downstairs until yesterday until I brought it up and put it by my bed. My mom won’t be with me to celebrate the removal of my own uterus but this will!

But she needs a name. Any ideas?

17 days until uterus removal!

9 thoughts on “There is This

  1. I am good with names for pets but not ornaments. I have never given any of my cats or birds usual names like Frisky or Tiger, etc., I prefer names like Tabitha, Evie, Carol, etc.

  2. I love that you have this trinket and that story! And glad you won’t be ripped and such too badly. Can’t believe it’s coming up so fast-when they get on it, they get on it!

  3. My mind is a complete blank right now. I was trying to come up with a cool name in Greek that you could use and then people would ask you about it and you could explain it…but I got nothing. If the light bulb goes on over my head, maybe it’ll activate my brain 🙂

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