Why Norbert Loves Christmas

It seems like I am making it up when I say that Norbert loves Christmas but he does. If any cat looks forward to December it is Norbert.


File 2015-12-17, 2 42 57 PM

Things to sleep on even though he isn’t really allowed.


A special noisy collar to ring at 3:00 a.m.

2015-12-17 13.48.40

Poinsettias to ruin. *

2015-05-26 04.23.26

Boxes galore to sit in even though there is a perfectly fine cat teepee.

2015-12-17 13.47.03

Decorations to be taken down and destroyed.

2015-12-17 13.49.46

So many things to do that he is not allowed to do any other time of the year like sitting on the table.

2015-12-17 13.46.04

A manger set up just for him.

File 2015-12-17, 3 10 09 PM

And the best part, a tree inside the house that he can work at pulling over.

The whole month he has nothing to do but sleep and go from one thing to another when we are not looking. He is exhausting as a toddler.

*Pointsettas are not poisonous to cats.

12 thoughts on “Why Norbert Loves Christmas

  1. You make me wishful for another cat Birdie. I miss their antics. Seeing Norbert in all his glory makes me smile. I love that you love him.

  2. Very cute and what’s not to love.

    PS: I just removed the link to my website to see if that lets me through.

  3. LOL! Love that Norbert! Be careful with the poinsettia though because they are poisonous to cats. I gave up on them years ago because my cats could never leave them along plus our house is cold and has little natural light so they always died quickly.

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