I am Home and Not Dead

Last night I slept like the dead and when I woke up I felt much better. Most of the day I was fine but still wore a mask to keep what is left of my germs to myself.

Today at work we were given iPhones to replace the (crappy) Blackberry’s that we have all been using. And it is a good thing too because my Blackberry has not been turning on lately. Before everyone gets all excited about me getting an iPhone I had to sign a contract that I would only use it for work related and phone calls and e mails. All this wonderfulness at my fingertips that I am not allowed to use. The iPhones are big heavy clunky things with the Otterbox cases.  We are given these fabulous phones because our job is getting less and less safe so Worker’s Comp requires us to call in and out at the beginning and end of every shift and since they can’t make us have/use our personal cell phones they provide them. Personally, I only have a cell phone that is only activated when I go on holidays so this is all new to me. I do have an iPod which works just like a phone when I am near an internet connection so I don’t really need a phone. Why am I telling you all this? I don’t know.

Tonight I am actually going to get sort of dressed up and go out for dinner even though all I want to do is stay home. Right now I am cold and tired and would like to go to bed early. Each year I become more and more introverted so I have to force myself to go out once in a while. The people that I am going out with are the people from my TOPS group and they are some of the best people in the world so I will go because I love them and they love me. One of them even offered to pick me up and bring me home so I won’t have to drive.

Now I am off for two days. Yay for that!



10 thoughts on “I am Home and Not Dead

  1. Yays all around! Sorry you have to carry around a brick of a phone, guess if things get unsafe you can call in and beat off as assailant at the same time 🙂 Or anchor a boat 😉

  2. Slowly I am working my way into being in bed at least 11 hours a day. Not all of it sleeping, some reading. I understand…
    You will have fun going out. I know it’s hard but I just bet you will.

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