A Moment of Perfection

My blog has become a bit of a dropping off place of all the things that make my job stressful. But sometimes things happen that make me want to cry because they are moments of total perfection.

My first client this morning speaks only a little English. Punjabi is her first language so communication can be difficult. We get by with the English words she knows and hand gestures. She is a wee, tiny thing and I just love her. Last week we had a good laugh. Her son had been vacuuming while she was napping. Just after I got there he turned the vacuum off and I took her to the bathroom. After she had gone to the toilet she was washing her hands and he started the vacuum again. You should have seen the look on her face. She glared at the bathroom door! It was hilarious!

But this morning was the best of all. I give her her showers on Thursday mornings and like many of the Indo-Canadian people I care for her, she gets cold. Sometimes she cries during her shower which breaks my heart. This morning, she didn’t want a shower but she knows and trusts me now. I got her undressed and was apologizing because I know she doesn’t like it and then she patted me on the shoulder and said, “T’okay. You my favourite“.  I could have cried. For all that I put into my job trying my best to acknowledge everyone’s vulnerability and humanness this one little gesture makes it all worth it.  When I go into a home and the person breathes a sigh of relief and says, “Oh, I”m so glad it’s you” or “T’okay. You my favourite” is better than the pay I receive every month.

Another thing happened today that was also beautiful. I care for some people in a very unsafe part of town. The person lives in a building that most people wouldn’t keep their dog. Yes, it is that bad. No exaggeration. There wasn’t much I could do for this person today so I decided to change the bed linens. They looked like that hadn’t been done in months. (This was only my second visit.) The person was so happy at something that was so small. I said that one of my favourite things was getting into a fresh bed. It shows that the smallest thing can give someone so much joy. At the end of the day all we really need is warm nutritious food in our tummies, a warm bed, access to medical care and fresh water and someone showing us that we matter. And this is why I love my job. Because I have the honour of showing other humans that they matter.

13 thoughts on “A Moment of Perfection

  1. What a wonderful post and reminder during this season about what is really important! You are a sweet and loving person, Birdie. You seriously rock!

  2. Today Owen slipped his hand into mine as we were walking across the yard. A six-year old boy who wants to hold hands with his grandmother.
    Yes. It is these little, perfect moments that make it all worthwhile.
    I understand.

  3. Birdie, I love that your blog is a dropping off place. You help us all to see that kindness matters. And that kindness can come in the form of an apology and a warm bath and clean sheets and being listened to. “T’okay. You MY favourite” too. Bless you friend for the nurturing work that you do.

  4. So good to hear on so many levels 🙂 I know there are still days that suck, and that’s okay. I am glad you can be honest here and I think there are lots of other readers that appreciate it too

  5. What a wonderful post. You make a difference in your corner of the world, Birdie, and what could be more important than that?

  6. Birdie, you are a blessed soul. You are such a gift to all the people lucky enough to have you care for them, and you are a gift to us here, too. Thank you for sharing these perfect moments.

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