Mature People Need Not Read This 

My husband made baked beans for dinner. Now I have gas that smells worse than death. I have had to open my bedroom window and put on a fan but it sits like lead. It won’t move. My relationship with air is vital and I can’t escape myself. It’s pretty bad when you can’t stand the reek of your own flatulence.

12 thoughts on “Mature People Need Not Read This 

  1. So you’re a little odiferous. At least, you aren’t like my husband. He’s very proud of his farts. In fact, he rates them on strength, length of time that they linger in the room and how fast the room will clear of dogs and people. God help you if he’s driving because then he is in charge of the automatic window locks in my car. Meaning that I’m usually at his mercy and won’t be able to roll down the window. It can get really bad on long drives.

  2. We have this pretty much every night from my husband. We light matches, wooden matches. It’s helps, some.

  3. This is hilarious. You know how they say women’s cycles sync after living together? Well I swear that men’s gas syncs that way. I can barely tell the dog from the baby from the husband most days! And despite the after effects, I friggin love beans. They are awesome and so diverse… anyways! Hope the gas clouds passed quickly! (Just had an image of Chernobyl in my mind there) 😉

  4. I was the same way the other day! Fart, gag, fart, gag, exclaim how raunchy I smelled, apologized, fart, gag. It was awful!

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