Rainfall Warning in Effect

It is very, very common to have rainfall warnings here. (Sorry, California whilst I grumble.) Winter months see the worst of it. Yesterday and today I had to use my rainbow umbrella which almost makes it worth it because it is so pretty. And now thanks to the LGBT movement it also makes a statement. Yes, I chose my umbrella for that reason. As usual, I digress. It is absolutely pouring out and yesterday despite using my umbrella my pant legs and feet were soaked. However, right now it is 5:00 and as dark as a night can be and I am inside my warm house in front of the fire with me feet up. Because though it may totally suck to be getting in and out of my car in the rain I am not getting in and out of my car in the dark in the rain. And I am not trying to find addresses in the dark in the rain even though I have a GPS that I have named George. So there ya go. Though there are not enough or adequate words in the English language to describe how much I hate getting up at 6:00 a.m., it would be worse working right now at night.


Today on a break between clients I bought Norbert a fancy new Christmas collar. He seems disappointed. I put the old one on the floor and he kept sniffing it. Which proves he is an Ungrateful Bastard. But he is my Ungrateful Bastard and I love that cat. Now he is sleeping. Isn’t he a handsome cat?



12 thoughts on “Rainfall Warning in Effect

  1. I hope George does the job for you and I love that you have a rainbow umbrella.Sweet dreams. Norbert looks happy in dreamland.

  2. I hope George does the job for you. My friend’s GPS is always getting us lost…I love that you have a rainbow umbrella and Norbert is a lucky boy.

  3. It’s been nice here even though it’s a bit cold in the mornings the afternoons are nice and cool. We are expecting a cold front in around Friday evening so that usually brings rain. I have to say Norbert looks very much like my old cat Tigger when I lived in El Paso. Tigger was an ungrateful bastard too.
    Try to stay dry sweetie.

  4. Love Norbert’s new Christmas collar! Good to know that you are warm and dry and safe in your home during those torrential rains. As much as I love the rain, as soon as my pant legs get soaked it ruins it for me. I hate the wet cold feeling around my ankles and feet. My umbrella broke during Trick or Treating with my grandkids. It was pouring then too.

  5. The best part about rainy days is the part when you can snuggle down in a warm place. Your warm house and fire sound cozy, and Norbert looks like he wrote the book on cozy. 🙂 What a cute picture of him. He doesn’t look like an Ungrateful Bastard. Looks can be deceiving, can’t they? 🙂

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