Blessed Quiet

My house is quiet at the moment and will be for another 5 minutes of so. My husband went out to some Christmas thing that I am not interested in because it consists of sitting in a church and in a huge crowd. Two things I don’t enjoy. I was going to say that my daughter will be home from work soon but she just walked through the door. So that is the end of the quiet. Her boyfriend is with her and they will escape into the downstairs. Me? Every client I go to is sick. Some very sick. Sick enough to make me wonder if they will make it to the new year. For the frail and elderly a simple cold can turn into something deadly overnight. One in particular should be in the hospital but she doesn’t want to go. Anyway, everyone is sick and I am fighting something. My face is burning hot but I am freezing cold. My throat is sore and I have the chills. It is a good night to get into a very hot bath and go to bed early. Well, early for me. Usually I go to bed at 8:00 anyway. If I am going to make it through not only the month of December but Flu season I need to take care of myself.

Drat. My daughter’s boyfriend is coughing. It is time for me to hide!



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  1. Birdie, you need to find someone who sells Young Living oils in your area and get Thieves oil and RC oil. I use those two to fight off colds and for immne support all the time. Last week I felt coldish…sore throat, cloudy head. I made an herbal tea, added a drop of thieves, a drop of peppermint and drank through out the day. Rubbed thieves and RC on chest and throat….and I’m better. I hope you can keep holding it off you sweet thing.

    • I take something called Cold Fx that seems to keep most of my colds and flush away but the one person in particular is so sick and does not ever cover her mouth! Argh! She is so sick I can’t find it in me to say anything. I just duck and/ or run.
      Thanks for the info. I have hearing a lot about essential oils lately but didn’t know a reputable one. Will look into it for sure. XO

  2. May the germs be averted! That’s a good tip regarding the essential oils. I take olive leaf extract and oil of oregano capsules when I’m feeling cold or flu-ish, they seem to help. I also regularly take probiotics for additional immune support. I hope all of your patients will be okay and that you weather this well. Hugs.

  3. Hide is exactly what I do most of the cold and flu season. I shop only early in the morning on weekdays to avoid the crowds and I’ve taught my kids to wash their hands when they come in the house after being out. It’s nice to see they actually do it out of habit now and I don’t have to remind them. So far we are cold and flu free but with 3 weeks still to go until Christmas one never knows what bugs can get you.

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