I Can’t Remember

Today went by in a whoosh and I really can’t remember all I did today. It was a very long day in Home Care. I do remember changing a colostomy bag and if you have never had to do that thank your lucky stars and pray that you will never have to. If you have changed a colostomy you know that it is a smell unlike anything on this planet. And God bless you if you were able to get through it without gagging. Today I was one step ahead and brought some lotion with a peppermint/lavender mix to put on my arm to smell while doing it. And I also got about 9 other people up, showered, medicated, fed, changed and cleaned. I put on adult diapers, did a few loads of laundry in there and made a lot of beds. I listened. I smiled. I laughed. I filled out medication reports and client progress sheets. I talked to, e mailed, left voice mails for Nurse Leaders. I spoke with schedulers and was re-routed. I drove over half the city and back again. In 8 hours I stopped to use the toilet once. The rest of the day was go! And then I came home and flopped on the love seat and Norbert came and sat on my lap and purred for about 3 minutes and now he is in bay window watching his birdies. And I will do it all again tomorrow.

Or something like it.


8 thoughts on “I Can’t Remember

  1. Beautiful people like you are the reason these people are not trapped in a sub-par care home, left to rot away the hours alone in a dirty hospital bed.

    Much love to you. There aren’t enough caring souls in this world. Xox.

    Now, get some rest and do something just for you. If I ever get to visit your side of the country I’m coming over to pamper you. 🙂

  2. Here’s a bad colostomy bag joke story: The hubs and I were waiting in line at the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland when they unexpectedly turned up the lights and said there was a delay. We could see some clean-up/CSI crew working away on a short stair case and the hubs bent down an whispered with a chuckle, “Colostomy bag.” I heard something like “call me a hag” and the joke whiffed. Get it, whiffed? That was my bit at the end there 😉

    You were Superwoman today. The Earth is a better place now.

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