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Today I had to parallel park to get to a client’s home. Parallel parking. I do not like doing it and will avoid it at all costs. Today I had no other option so I snuggled up close to the car beside me and pulled in, only having to straighten my car once. It was a tight fit and though I pulled in with only little effort I was scared about when I would have to pull out again. It is a busy road with vehicles, a bike lane and passengers everywhere. There was a few minutes before I could go to my next client, a person that flips out if you are 2 minutes early or two minutes late. You have to go right on time. In that two minutes the person behind my car got in and pulled away. I was so excited because I was able to back up and be the last car in the lineup and nobody was allowed to park behind me. This is the sort of stupid shit that makes me happy.

And it was a very nice day here and considering I didn’t have a great sleep last night it was an OK work day as well. Now I am home in front of the fireplace and the heat is making me sleepy. It would be so nice if it was acceptable to sleep 12 hours and be awake for 12 hours. My very extroverted neighbour often drops over and can’t understand why I nap. She is one of these people that get up at 5:00 in the morning. And that brings me to another subject…

intMy neighbour, the extroverted one,  calls me a hermit and says I need to get out more. She implies that I should not take naps. This is the woman that goes out in her car and comes back again at least 5 times a day**. She has lots of friends and loves to not be at home. Here is the thing. I can accept her and her extroverted ways even though it baffles me that she can’t stay home for more than an a couple of hours in a row. I understand that she loves to go on holiday after holiday. She loves being with people and needs to be out doing things. So why can’t she and so many other extroverts understand my need to be at home and have solitude? She thinks my way of living “isn’t healthy”. Why do so many extroverts think their way is the only way yet most introverts accept extroverts for who they are? It pisses me off. Reader, to you consider yourself introverted or extroverted? Do you need to be with others to recharge or do you need to be alone to recharge? And if you are extroverted do you accept introverts or do you try to get them to be more like you? And if you are an introvert do you get harassed by extroverts calling you a hermit and telling you the way you live is not healthy? Because frankly, I have had a lifetime of people telling me that I am too quiet and that I need to get out more and that I am lazy. I am tired of people telling me that I am too sensitive and that I am too serious. My guess is that many of you are introverts. Introverts thrive as bloggers because we can get social interaction without actually having to be around people.



**In the time it took me to write this post she came home and went out again.



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  1. I am an introvert…thankfully so is my husband. My mom is an extrovert and tells me all the time I need to get out and be more social. Well, I am social when I want to be, but I don’t need it constantly to survive. She doesn’t understand this at all. She wants company ALL THE TIME, even when in the hospital or sick as a dog. I just want my peace and quiet most of the time. I agree that while introverts can accept extroverts, extroverts just think introverts are weird.

  2. Definitely an introvert. Getting more and more introverted as I age. I can cope with other people (in smallish doses) but need time of my own to hang onto the shreds of my sanity.
    And yes, I have been told (too often) that it isn’t healthy.

  3. Introvert, Introvert, Introvert!!! Going outside of my comfort zone causes me such internal grief!! I stutter, repeat myself, blurt out things that shouldn’t be said in public… sheesh, I could go on and on with the embarrassing stuff I’ve done just trying to fit in. Oh my word Birdie. Just typing this is making me anxious. I’m awkward, clumsy, weird…that probably explains why I don’t have any close friends that would harass me for being introverted. I agree with you about the Blogger World too. Although I have to say that I would love to meet you. Meeting Annette was great. She was so wonderful and sweet. I felt awkward but she didn’t make me feel any worse about myself. Good Lord, I’m rambling…again.

  4. I am an introvert, Birdie. And as for your neighbour, sorry to sound harsh here, but it is none of her business whether or not you take a nap! Goodness, not everyone is the same, and although I usually don’t take a nap myself it isn’t my business to tell someone else that they shouldn’t. Sheesh.

    On the parallel parking, I hope you don’t mind, but I laughed because of this gag video where these people are doing just that, except they have an audience! I found it quite hilarious. Hope it makes you chuckle. 🙂

    • That was so funny! I can’t parallel park if I have one passenger in my car. An audience? Never!
      My neighbour is a very nice lady but has very strong opinions. It is hard for me because I am so passive.

  5. I’m basically an introvert but once in awhile I like to come out of my shell and be an extrovert, not often.
    And I think extroverts look at introverts and think the life we live is no fun and they want to help us have fun. They see us being uncomfortable and think that if we were more extroverted we’d have more fun which is probably true but we may also lose our minds too so I’d rather a quiet boring life than a loud, messy extroverted one.

    • I’m an extrovert introvert. I look and can be extrovert, but I choose to be an introvert. I love nothing more than being at home alone. A trip to the post office is too much effort for me.

  6. Well, of course I’m a big ol’ introvert. Extroverts have often been the bane of my existence and yet I’m also attracted to them. My Rare One is an extrovert. Makes for an interesting and sometimes challenging relationship.

  7. I laughed with the parallel parking because I could’ve written that! I feel exactly the same way. And the being able to back up and no one could park behind me is also something that would make me ridiculously happy, as weird as it may sound. We are kindred spirits :

    I know what you mean about the extroverts and I have experienced the same thing. In fact, my brother who is an extroverted extrovert (the mega-sized extrovert) has trouble understanding me, his introverted sister. In the past he’s made comments that I should get out and socialize a lot more than I do, but in more recent years, he’s calmed down about that. He does a lot of reading and I guess he’s run across many books articles about introverts. He’s beginning to ‘understand’ us better 🙂

  8. Love your parking adventures. I drive a subcompact for the most part nowadays and sometimes forget how much room that gives me when parking! I used to drive a big ole “boat” and had to be very good, now park in slots at a 45 degree angle and it still works. Oh well.

    I am an introvert although I can be very social and vivacious on occasion but it is always very, very draining. I enjoy spending time at home and/or alone for many reasons, reasons an extrovert probably wouldn’t appreciate! They don’t seem to like predictability or quiet or individual activities in the same way.

    I don’t get harassed (shakes finger at yer neighbor) but I was teased during my youth, to the point where I truly thought I would be the spinster aunt with a bazillion cats, but I got out and lived a little, figured out I wasn’t what they pigeon holed me as and eventually met a guy that is a bit of a homebody/introvert/off-season is the best season type of person himself!

    And now we have an extroverted son. Oy!

  9. I’m introverted and shy. Not a lot of friends and now that my kids are grown, I don’t go out much. I used to think I wanted to but now that I don’t, I enjoy it. Take care Birdie.

  10. I am an introverted extrovert (or an extroverted introvert) however you want to put it. I love being alone, but I also love to be around people when I feel like it. I’ve been more social since I’ve moved here, which would explain the decline in blogging, I guess. Lately I feel like I’m too busy living to have anytime writing about my life, which makes me feel sad because my blog is like my record of my activities, as mundane as they are.

    I often ask people who can’t stay home/can’t sit still, what they are running from. Seriously, if you can’t sit still with your Self sometimes, you’re running from SOMETHING!

    I don’t parallel park properly. I always pull into the spot, never back into it from ahead. I’ve driven extra miles to avoid it too. lol

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