WordPress has a new layout for writing posts and I do not like it. No I do not. I just got used to it the way it was. Oh, well.

Right now I have the house to myself.  Mr. Birdie is out and my daughter is at school. Having the house to myself is such a treat and doesn’t ever last long but I will enjoy it while I can. All I can hear right now is the dishwasher.

Today is my weekly, Do Nothing Day. Though it actually only happens about once a month. Being an Introvert and Highly Sensitive gets my nerves wound tightly. In a job where it is always give and rarely take I need a day to just sit and write, watch Netflix, read blogs or just putter. When I am at work I usually only sit down to document medications and what has been done and how the patient/client is doing that day. Then it is up and running again. Sometimes I don’t even sit to do that but just write it all hurriedly while standing. Most workers in Home Support choose not to take breaks because for one, there isn’t time,  and two, it just makes your day longer. When I start work at 7:00 I don’t have a break until my shift is over. I get down on myself for being so tired all the time but when I think about what I do I really should be nicer to myself. Mostly I tell myself that I am fat and lazy.

Netflix has the next season of Mr. Selfridge but it has been so long since I watched Season 2 I don’t remember any of the characters. Netflix is awesome but you have to wait for the good shows.

OK. That is all I have for today.



9 thoughts on “Egh

  1. Have you watched House Of Cards???
    Can’t hardly wait for the next Season come Springtime…
    If The Knick ever comes one there…WATCH IT!!!
    Enjoy your peace and quiet…except for the dishwasher!!!
    Linda :o)

  2. I prefer to use the word curvaceous. It sounds so much nicer. As far as lazy goes, I think not! I was on life support for eight days at the beginning of August. I had home health care for a few weeks after coming home from hospital. You guys work your bums off. It is all give and little to no take. You are an angel for doing what you do! Yes, you absolutely must be kinder to yourself.
    I know what you mean about alone time. I have to have it every day or I will lose my mind. It is usually the middle of the night for me, when everyone is sound asleep.


  3. I NEED my time alone. And in my case it is generally early, before first light.
    I so wish you could be as kind to yourself as you are to others (which is a classic case of do as I say, not as I do).

  4. I am also an introvert and Highly Sensitive, Birdie, I fully comprehend. As far as the layout changing, I think the important thing is that you are still able to make your posts and we can read them. 🙂

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