I wrote a long post on my daughter who is turning 18 today but it disappeared into the tubes of the Interwebs.  She is still my baby but I am so proud of the woman she is turning into each day. I don’t see the little girl that I knew so well all that often now and yes, I miss her but she is turning into an amazing person and I love getting to know the grown up woman. When she was supposed to start kindergarten I kept her back a year. Being a November baby she was so little and still napping so she stayed an extra year in preschool. And she was a wee little thing, in the 3rd percentile and was sick a lot. It was a good idea to keep her back and now I am glad I did. I have my baby for an extra year. She graduates from high school this year and then she will go off and make a life for herself. Right now I can’t think about that. We are going out for dinner tonight. Indian food, her choice.  Since I do not like to bake I got her some of her favourite cupcakes for dessert.

Today is my day off and I was lazy this morning, sleeping in until 10:30. I was surprised that it was so late when I woke up but I must have needed it. Having my period wipes me out but having the Flu shot played a number on me this year as well. It was a delicious sleep and  felt good and rested today. Sometimes I get so tired I can barely form a thought. And I don’t realize how tired I was until I fall asleep and wake up.

This post has taken me all day to write. We have gone out for dinner and now we are home again. I am so full even though I only was able to eat half my dinner. It is time for my bath.



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  1. Hello, Birdie, and thank you for all your wrote on my post today. I appreciate it more than you know. How amazing that your baby girl is eighteen. I just spent the evening with my baby girl and her baby and there is something so very incredible about sharing with your daughter on a woman-to-woman basis. A mother-to-mother connection. You have that to look forward to. You will be amazed all over again. Sleep well.

    • Happy Birthday to your daughter. So nice to hear that you’re happy with how she turned out. That’s a good feeling. Can she vote now?

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