A Costco Kind of Day

buyMy husband needed new glasses so a trip to Costco was in order. I just fucking love Costco. I want to buy all the things. Though it was crazy busy,  buying prescription glasses at Costco is a good deal and worth the trip. And of course we walked through and ate samples. There was this warm almond roca thing that made me want to cry it was so good. And warm jalapeno rolls!  And so many good deals I was shouting, “Buy all the things!”  I bought a new set of kitchen knives that each have an express purpose for use but I had to rip the shit out of the box to get them out and now I don’t know what each knife is used for.

faketreeAnd because I needed new socks and underwear I bought them too. The socks are the softest socks I ever felt but now that I have washed them they are all sticking together into a sock glob. There was also the nifty Christmas tree stick that Ms. Moon spoke about but by the time I was to that point I just wanted to get my hot dog and get out. And you know what? My daughter has a penchant for Parmesan cheese and it is her birthday next week (18!) so I bought her a Costco size container of Parmesan cheese. It won’t last more than a month but she will be happy. When she was little she called it Farmer’s On Cheese. heh

And guess what? I am done with physio! Today was my last appointment. My physiotherapist has deemed me cured (well, mostly) and I don’t need to go back! That deserves a happy dance. And, and, and I am going back to Costco tomorrow even though it is a holiday and I don’t normally go to the shops on holidays but my daughter needs her eyes tested but I have to go before she turns 18 next week because it only costs $20.00 but after that it is $100.00 and they have no other appointments. And something else. I saw my gynecologist yesterday who is am amazing human and really down to earth. We even had a conversation about God and though there is no concrete evidence of God existing we both really hope there is one. But that is not why I was there. It was the Big Ovary Decision. I decided to keep my ovaries because according to him there is a better chance of dying from heart disease if I have them removed then by keeping them and dying of Ovarian cancer.

And that is all I have to say. Finally.

13 thoughts on “A Costco Kind of Day

  1. I like reading your blog. You are funny. It seems like you had a full, good day. Happy birthday to your daughter! And good for you for making your ovary decision.

  2. Your Costco must be better than ours. HImself loves it – and it gives me the horrors.
    Yay for the physio being done and dusted. Yay for a human gynaecologist. And happy birthday to your daughter.

  3. Hi Birdie,

    Would you believe that I have never been to Costco? I know…I lead a very sheltered life. LOL! 🙂 I bet you’re glad that the physio is over with. Sending you warm hugs and much love.

  4. Yes. Yes. Yes and more yes. This made me in happy in so many ways! I can vouch for the Costco Parmesan, a most excellent gift! Have you tried their hiking socks? I have the pink pack, so cute and so cozy but not too big and clunky or sweat factory-y… Yeah, um, sometimes I get feet sweat issues. And now…. back to you. 😉

  5. Ohhh Costco. The closest Costco is in Kelowna and that’s a 4 hour drive for us so unfortunately I rarely go but the few times I have been it was wonderful! I want to “buy all the things” when I go there too!
    Glad to hear physio is done and you are mostly healed. A good Dr. is worth his or her weight in gold and I’m glad you found one.

  6. Such a charming little stick-tree it is! I love the fact that you bought your daughter a huge Costco-sized block of Farmers Oh cheese! But not as much as I love the fact that you sound good and you sound healthy. Happy for you.

  7. I like Costco too. It’s where I get all my photos printed. But I used to find it so overwhelming. There is so much there; so much good stuff. I’m pretty good now though at just buying what I need. Glad you’re done your physio. Take care woman.

  8. “Buy all the things!”.. love that! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Costco.
    {{{happy dance}}} on no more physio! Enjoy your return trip… buy more things!!

  9. There are a couple of outdoor malls around here where I live that I have a weak in the knees need to go shopping when I feel really healthy( not in pain). Bed Bath & Beyond is my favorite kitchen gadget resource. Man, I love that place.

  10. I have to avoid places like Costco or I end up emptying my bank account as I leave.

    Hope your lovely girl has a wonderful birthday and enjoys her ‘framers on’ cheese! Lol. That was so cute, how she used to pronounce it. 🙂 xo

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