Bed in 10, 9, 8…

It is 5:20 and as usual I am so tired. Today was one of the more taxing days working in Community Health Care. In all my years in this field I have only once lost my temper on a client. She and I were both overtired and yes, I was in the wrong and being tired was no excuse. But today I lost my shit again on someone and by god, she had it coming, For obvious reasons I can’t give any detail at all except to say this person has gone through about 150 workers and nobody wants to work in her home. It is the same home I fell at 3 months ago. Anyway, long story short, I got very angry and told her that I have the right to refuse unsafe work (which it true, thank god for my union) and left. I called my nurse leader and went on a tangent that nothing has changed in 3 months and I absolutely will never enter this home again. We are enabling this woman and I have had enough. And all of this is putting it mildly. I have never felt so angry, so manipulated, so taken advantage of by a client, ever. And I will be damned if I get put in this position again. Thank god for my nurse leaders that are always so patient and understanding and know full well how stretched we workers are. The fact is, Community Health Care Workers are holding up a huge part of the health care system. It it weren’t for us thousands of people in my community alone would be forced into either the hospital or long term extended care. Without us, whole communities would collapse under the pressure. Think I am making this shit up? Just wait until someone in your family needs care and there is no one around to do it. And we will be needed more than ever with the Baby Boomers getting older.

OK. Breathing. Rant over.

Anyway, the rest of the day was excellent and was a prefect example of why I love my job. People that genuinely need me and need home care. People that are vulnerable and in poor health and would otherwise be in a nursing home if it weren’t for Community Health. But because I so rarely get as angry as I did this morning it is coming out sideways and manifesting as fatigue and a very stiff and sore neck. I will be going to bed soon and rubbing a shit load of Voltaren on my neck and taking my prescription anti-inflammatory. (Wondering if it will ever be possible to bathe in Voltaren?)

My daughter is downstairs with her boyfriend and I do not know what they are watching on Netflix but the walls are shaking. I won’t say anything because I have always told my daughter and her friends that they are always welcome in our home anytime of the day or night and it is a safe place. I don’t want to become the nagging mother complaining about noise. It is not too bad because I will be going to bed soon and I sleep at the other end of the house.

I did have a video post but it is taking half of forever to load so maybe I will post it tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Bed in 10, 9, 8…

  1. Good rant, I say! And good riddance! I hope you never go back there either. I don’t use Voltaren (talk about a cool name, btw) but I love my Bengay or generic etc. Hmmmm…. The burn. I think I’m going to go slather some on!

  2. I do know JUST how necessary the work that you do is. It simply wasn’t available when my mother needed it. At all.
    I am so glad that you have taken a stand and said no to that woman. Not today, not tomorrow, not until she clears up her act.

  3. I, too, know how important your work is. It was very helpful to have someone to help a few days a week when my father was so ill. Our society would be completely different without people like yourself.

  4. I’m totally aware about how much carers are needed. My mother fell out with 2 of them that worked on the NHS, then we had to hire some privately. Only issue was that my mum was so tight, and would only pay for one, when they needed 2 to lift my Dad and move him. In fact it was her tightness that caused my Dads death I think. So I know what a valuable job you do.

  5. OUTSTANDING rant! People just don’t understand what Home Health nurses go through. I do because I was a patient once. I truly loved having them come to my home when I was recuperating from my knee surgery. I had a physical therapist and a nurse. If we didn’t have HH to come to my home to care for me I would have had to go to the hospital every other day for care and that would have meant David would need to take that time off every week to take me there. Y’all are a true Godsend.

  6. Rant anytime, it sounds very well deserved. You go through so much, but enough is enough! Good for you to take a stand!! Hope your rub, meds and a good sleep helped too. xo

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