3 Days in a Row

This is my third post in as many days and what do you think of that? I came close to doing absolutely nothing today but I did rake up half a million leaves but the rake broke. The sticky out parts (tines?) snapped out of the part that holds them together so now I have to buy a new rake that will probably only last a couple of years as well. Gone are the days when you bought something and it lasted forever and then you died and your kids took it or donated it to a thrift store. It lasted until I had almost finished the yard so I hope there is no wind tonight. Tomorrow I will buy a new rake and get the last of the leaves. Or get my daughter to do it. That sounds like a better idea.

Aside from raking the leaves and doing nothing I coloured my hair. I am 44 and if I let my hair grow out it is mostly grey now. And not a nice grey. It is wiry and stands up. Not nice. So I colour it but I do worry what it is doing to my body The only products I buy are organic and natural but I can’t seem to let go of colouring my hair.

My husband is still away and my daughter is out with her drama group so I am home alone. I should make something for dinner but I can’t be bothered. I can see why elderly people who live alone don’t bother with cooking. There is some frozen pizza in the fridge and maybe I will make that but I doubt it Or maybe I will.  I don’t know.

I do know that I am looking forward to a hot bath and bed. Doing nothing is exhausting.

File 2015-11-04, 5 46 45 PMAnd just as I was finishing this post Norbert came and sat on my lap and is kneading his paws on me. He is even purring! (Aren’t my purple slippers nifty?)

14 thoughts on “3 Days in a Row

  1. Me too! Aren’t we something lately? Lots to say!! That’s good….this is the place to do it! So glad we are reunited!

  2. Ohhhh having the house all to myself for a few hours would be my idea of heaven. I haven’t soaked in a bath for so long I can’t even remember when. I think I’ll plan myself a nice soak in the tub tomorrow night. Love your purple slippers.

  3. Love the purple slippers! I miss having a cat on my lap. I’ve been raking too. The grandkids wanted to help so I gave them each a leaf bag and told them to fill it. They loved it…thought it was a game so they kept trying to win by filling their bags first. We got 10 bags done! Haha!!

  4. I was going to rake today (well, I was thinking yesterday that I *might* do it today) but then it rained. Lovely warm room. And, yes, neat slippers. I’m wearing mine right now!

  5. Have you tried the organic hair dye? Wegmans used to carry it. Maybe it’s not called organic hair dye, but it’s something along the lines of that. I will take a look-see next time I go, and get the name.

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