Considering how completely done I was yesterday I thought that today was going to be a total write off. I did sleep in until after 10:00 but about two hours of that was just lying there and enjoying not having to do a damn thing. Eventually nature called so I got up then moved my lazy ass to the couch and did nothing for another hour or so. When I did get moving I did a lot. Changed the bed, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the kitchen, took my daughter to work and picked her up and did about 6 loads of laundry. (Which reminds me that I still have to put the last load in the dryer. BRB) OK, I am back. Yeah, I could have just gone and changed the laundry over and you would have been none the wiser but what fun is that?  I also went to physio today and rode my bike. Usually my husband (he’s retired) does the majority of the housework but he has been away for over two weeks now so it is just me and my daughter making the mess. I did not get to raking the leaves but I will do that tomorrow. Oh, when I went to pick up my daughter at work her boyfriend was already waiting for her. He was sick today but still wanted to see her so he went out and walked to her work. Isn’t that just the sweetest?

So there is my exciting life. Work. Have days off. Do housework and run errands and sit around watching Netflix. There is now a basket of laundry sitting in front of me and I should wait until tomorrow to fold it and put it away but I know I won’t because I want to get up tomorrow and not have anything to do and just relax with a cup of coffee in my clean house. Put my feet up and just be.

Norbert loves this time of the year because the fireplace is usually on. I put it on around 2:00 and he fell asleep on the couch. He just woke up now and it is almost 10:00. He is looking rather exhausted after all the effort he put in from sleeping for 8 hours. Actually, I just remembered today when I finally got out of bed there was a strange cat on our sundeck. She (?) was sitting there cleaning herself like it was her house. We get an inordinate amount of cats on our yard. There are all the Norbert clones but at least 8 other cats show up on a regular basis. It could have something to do with us giving them Temptations but it still a lot of cats. I think ever single on of our neighbors has at least one cat. Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. It was the most interesting thing that happened today.

Uncovering HappinessIt is now time for a bath then off to bed. Currently I am reading this book. I first listened it through Hoopla and then I bought it on my e reader. It is one of the best books by far that I have read about depression. It is completely different than anything I have read before. I give it a 10/10 and highly recommend it if you battle the beast. I am not kidding. Buy this book. It is one of those life changing books.

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  1. Birdie, it sounds like a great book. I am not sure if you have ever read this book or not, but I have one that I have read a couple of times and it is fantastic. It is not about depression but it is such a good book! It is called “Bringing out the Best in People” by Alan Loy McGinnis.

  2. Hmmmm. Sounds like me. I start out slow then race around doing so much more than I should in this house. Today I was cleaning the ceiling fans and chasing cobwebs. David usually helps by doing the high up stuff, but he’s been so busy killing my roses.

    It sounds like some little lady friend came a calling on Norbert. That lazy good for nothin. ahahahahaaaa.

    That sounds like an interesting book. I should go check it out on Amazon. I got a $50 gift card just burning a hole in my laptop wanting to be used.

  3. Birdie! Your posts have been coming up in my email as “WordPress” with no title and I thought it was some junk mail from WordPress…..not your blog!! I have thought about you so often and wondered how you are…It sounds like you are living life more simply. I am finding joy and calm in those daily chores. Next month that might not be the case, but for now it is so I will take it. LOL So happy that we are reunited!! ❤

  4. Very cool that you found a book that you love so much. That is the best. I get excited when I find whole foods books or herbal collections that I love.

    Pets are funny when it comes to the warmth of a fire. Good livin’ that is.

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