The Annual “I Hate Halloween” Post

bhHere it is. My deep dark secret.  I know I will disappoint some of you.  Some will despise me and never read my blog again but I must tell you the truth. I hate Halloween.  

I hate everything about it.  When my kids were small I dressed them up and took them out, hating it the entire time.  Now that they are older I still hate it.  Why?  Here are some of the reasons. 

 My brother and his friends saw to it that I would be traumatized every Halloween by scaring me all throughout October.  I would walk around in a perpetually terrified state knowing they were going to do something horrible. My adrenal glands were constantly on high alert. They told me every year that they were going to put Neet in my hair.  I also hate loud noises so I hated the screechers and fire crackers.  I hated going out into our rainy October nights.  Once I went through a haunted house where a man in a coffin jumped out at me.  I hated it because Ian J.  won the prize for best costume every year.  He dressed as the same robot every year.  Tin foil on a cardboard box.  Every year.  I hate that Halloween scares animals.

So, I hate it.  

PS- Please keep loving me even though I hate Halloween.  It is the only holiday I hate.


So there ya go.

Not much going on. Work is work. I bought a stationary recumbent bike and have lost a few pounds. Got my insanely thick hair thinned yesterday. Today I got home earlier than normal from work and paid bills and did around-the-house stuff. Oh! The UPS man just drove by but alas, he doesn’t have a parcel for me. That’s OK. I got some new clothes delivered this morning from Amazon/Yours Clothing. I am a mid-sized woman and love the clothing from Yours Clothing. Amazon carries some of their stuff and it is so nice to have clothing that fits and that is pretty. At this point I think I am starting to realize that I will always be a fat woman. Call it genetics (though I am one of the smallest women in my family), call it laziness (though I work my ass off at work), call it an unhealthy diet, I am no longer a size 6. Maybe I just have to accept that being a size 14/16 is not the end of the world.

2015-10-30 15.06.48Norbert has been super kind this last week or so. My husband has been away in Ontario so Norbert has to resort to using me as a warm lap. He also knows that I will put the tub in drip and the fireplace on. He is even a little grateful! Go figure.

16 thoughts on “The Annual “I Hate Halloween” Post

  1. That’s so funny. Halloween is the only holiday that I don’t mind. I don’t really get involved with it very much but it doesn’t bother me in the least. If people want to dress up in costumes, who am I to judge? And I have good memories of Halloween as a child.
    So. There you go.
    Maurice has been sleeping with us since it’s been cooler. I appreciate her little furry soft body. I do.

    • I can totally see why you wouldn’t like Halloween. I like Halloween, never go overboard with decorating or costumes. Now that my kids are older and they don’t dress up or go out trick or treating I find that I don’t do anything other than buy some candy and carve a pumpkin. We have a few decorations but we put out fewer every year.
      I just want to pat Norbert’s tummy when I see that picture!

  2. I am not a fan of Halloween at all too! The hubs and I go out to dinner but that’s just to avoid having trick or treaters bothering us and setting the dog off… This year we are going for a hike too but that’s just because it’s a Saturday. Not sure what we will teach Bubba about Halloween. Ugh. If trick-or-treating must happen I might just pawn him off on my parents, they like it.

    PS I’m a 14/16 too. Bounced around all my life but I think I’ve occupied those sizes for the most time overall… hmm. Not much to say about that at the moment except enjoy your bike!

    Love your Norbert comfort routines 🙂

  3. Dearest Birdie, and all this time when you hadn’t come to my blog and make any comments, except to wish me a Happy Birthday, I thought you had stopped reading my blog and I wondered why!

    I love you regardless of whether or not you like Halloween. See my post today you will see that I don’t celebrate it. I don’t hate it, I just can’t be bothered.

    • Linda,

      That is weird because I comment on your blog at least once a week and do read almost daily. Maybe they are going into your spam? I do know that you have comment moderation. I will have to check that I am doing it right.

  4. I don’t like loud noises either. Or frightened animals.
    Jazz is being nicer to me while my partner is away. Mostly.
    He and Norbert are definitely related.
    And of course we still love you.

  5. Your post made me think about our little granddaughter who doesn’t like loud noises and her Mother who is probably Halloween’s biggest fan! I wonder how she will feel each year with the spooky goings on and then there are the fireworks on 5th November.
    Nice to get home early and get things sorted out isn’t it?

  6. I loved Halloween as a kid and I loved it even more when my kids were small. I loved making costumes and going out in the cold and watching them say cute things to strangers while they politely begged for candy.
    I’ve been missing that.
    This year, we picked the babies up and will be taking them trick or treating, something they’ve never done. They are so excited! I am too, I’ve even decorated this year and made sure it’s not scary. Halloween should be fun, not the torture you had to endure!
    I’ve been watching Netflix documentaries about eating. We are trying to change our ways. It’s hard.

  7. “Boo humbug” =)

    I’d hate it, too, if that was my experience!! For me it’s one of my favorite memories of childhood. A bagful of candy and chocolate is the way to this child’s heart! I hope that isn’t in more ways than one… Past 40 I can’t eat crap like I did as a kid.

  8. So glad to hear from you. I was wondering where you were. I don’t mind Halloween but I hate haunted houses… hate, hate, hate them. Stupid, bloody, gory monsters, dark rooms, creepy music…did I mention that I hate haunted houses?? And I’m not a size 6 anymore either. Size 12 feels more comfy tho, if I’m honest. I was smoking cigarettes and not eating when I was a 6. I’ve decided that I much prefer eating over smoking. Can’t wait to check out that clothing web site you mentioned.

  9. Oh, sheesh… my first blog post in forever and what’s it about?? Halloween. Sorry!!
    I totally understand why you do not like it though. Many feel the same way you do. We tend to get a lot of kids to our neighborhood, although it seemed that this year there were less, so we like to give out candy and see the costumes. Having grandchildren now it’s fun to see them dressed up too.

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