Now isn’t that a title that draws you in?

Yesterday I felt so good and I was not at all tired but I am making up for it today. Work was long and exhausting and, well it was work. It is done for today and now I am sitting in yoga pants which are just a fancy version of sweat pants. Sweat pants are tacky but yoga pants make you think that I may actually do yoga in them which I do not. At least not often. If I do yoga it is usually in my pajamas.


I am sitting here like a lump but I did do some genealogy and added some pictures to Find a Grave. Don’t think I am weird. This is a real thing and a potential gold mine for genelogists.


Remember yesterday I said I filled the bird feeder? It is a big feeder, takes about 8 cups of seed. Greedy bastards emptied it. There is only a tiny bit in the bottom. If they think I am going to fill it every single day they have another thing coming. It does provide endless entertainment for Norbert. He loves to sit and the window and watch his birdies

Just over a day to go until our Federal election. Dear god, let it end!

9 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Our birds are greedy blighters too. We now buy our seed in twenty kilo bags. Which don’t last long enough. And green apples are a fixture on our shopping list – for the birds Love the bird you pictured though.
    Federal elections are the same the world over it seems. Everyone (except the pollies) just want’s it over. Fingers crossed you like the outcome.

  2. Birdie, I am so tired of this longest election period that we have had since the 1800’s. I am happy that it is over on Monday and we can only hope for the best. I laughed when you said at the beginning of your post, “Now isn’t that a title that draws you in?” LOL! I needed the laugh, so thank you so much for that. Yes, the birds will be eating a lot now due to the colder temperatures. I was feeling pretty tired today and am still going through these tired spells and I hate it! Sending you a hug… 🙂

  3. How often will you feed the feeder? I just got back from Wegmans where I bought lots of different people seeds. Or, really, they can be given to birds too. But not a chance.

  4. I hope you get some rest…I’m trotting back to bed after a three hour nap and it is 6:30 AM…I hope the outcome of elections is good…

  5. Yes I have to say that title was one of your best. I think I’ll use it sometime if that’s okay with you? At least it won’t be smutty for a change.

    Birds are greedy bastards I agree, and my kids. They can clear a fridge of food and drink in a few hours when it needs to last for a week.

  6. Yoga pants are the cats’ ass! Unless you wear them every day and then put a pair of jeans on and realize that stretchy fabric did you no favors. Oh well.

  7. Birdie and her titles 🙂 You can always use “Insert Title Here” or “Title Intentionally Left Blank” 😉 I am struggling to keep my Stellar’s Jays in suet myself! Between them and the Northern Flickers my little chickadees and juncos are getting shafted! I love yoga pants too. I just reflected that I used to not wear them and now I feel part of the trend. Funny how times change. Hope the elections go well 🙂

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