pacificIt is Thanksgiving weekend here and Canada and no I did not cook a Thanksgiving turkey. However, I did throw a chicken onto the rotisserie and made stuffing, peas, corn and potatoes. I did not make a blackberry pie but I did buy one. Everyone at work was talking about their plans for Thanksgiving and when asked what I was doing I wanted to say going home to sleep. It probably would have been a good idea because I really overdid it at work today. Over the last few weeks I have eaten anti-inflammatories and Tylenol and at this point I think I just need to live with the pain. Using the TENS machine works and if I wasn’t so tired I would hook it up. In fact, after writing this post I will. So anyway, the chicken is spinning on the rotisserie and I thanked the bird for giving her life so I could eat and feed my family. And I can tell you that I may not be good at a lot of things but I make stuffing better than anyone I have ever met. Even better than my mom. *spinning in her grave* She gave me the basework for excellent stuffing and I got creative and added. No, I will not share my recipe but I will say some of the key ingredients are bacon and bacon fat, evaporated milk and butter. A lot of butter. Actually, it is not an actual recipe that I follow but rather just a lot of stuffing shit thrown into a huge bowl and mixed up. It is very, very good. And about 100 calories a tablespoon.

One more day of work then I am off for two. It probably isn’t healthy for me to love my days off as much as I do. It is so wonderfully wonderful to wake up at the regular ungodly hour of 6/6:30 and know that I don’t have to get up. Instead I can pull the blankets up and snuggle back down and sleep until noon if I feel so inclined. It doesn’t happen often, the sleeping until noon, but it does happen occasionally and it is delicious.

Well, I  need to go check on the chicken and cut up some potatoes and thrown them in to cook. As usual, dinner will take hours to cook and be eaten in 20 minutes and then there is the cleanup. Though I do cleanup as I go so it isn’t too bad.

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving-ish

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I wish we could move the American Thanksgiving into October instead of the end of November. I could use a break right about now.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Birdie! We aren’t having a turkey meal either but that’s because we had one Sat when the husband wasn’t working. It will be ginger pork and rice for us but we’re still thankful no matter what we get to eat and mostly because I didn’t cook it. LOL!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Birdie. Sounds like a lovely meal. For the first time ever, we went out to dinner last night instead of making a home cooked meal for the holiday. The renos are still going on, my hubby and I are exhausted, and the thought of spending the day cooking, preparing, serving and cleaning up was enough to push me over the edge. So out to dinner we went. I’m thankful for the break.

  4. We have Harvest Meals often and I always use chicken. I don’t care for what they inject the turkeys with. So I don’t buy them during the year. But organic locally grown chicken is delish.

    Love that you make the best stuffing, ever. Love the whole chuck in a bowl and just play.

    Happy Harvest.

  5. I love that you can say you make kickass stuffing better than anyone you’ve ever known 🙂 *admiration* Happy Belated Thanksgiving

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