No Tacky Lamp Stolen

IMG_0630Well, I didn’t steal the tacky lamp mentioned in my last post. Probably for the best. Some things are just not meant to be. But! Other times things work out splendidly! We are on our way home and spending one more night in a hotel and were blown away that we were upgraded to the penthouse. I am not a penthouse kind of girl. Maybe a hen house. Or a shed. You can tell this backwoods girl is out of her element because ever two minutes I am ogling over something new. Huge soaker jet tub. Two bathrooms. Two fireplaces. A full kitchen plus a mini kitchen. King sized bed. Heated floors. Two TV’s. The closet alone is almost bigger than my bedroom at home. It even has a washer and dryer just in case I feel like doing laundry. Who knows. Maybe I will do laundry just because I can. Here is where we are staying. But please don’t come and murder me.


I am not sure how people live like this everyday. It is nice once in a while.

10 thoughts on “No Tacky Lamp Stolen

  1. You definitely deserved this treat. Wow, I watch enough movies too that I would expect a masked man somewhere in the scenario. xo Granny Annie

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