Oh, But I am Tired

File 2015-10-01, 5 01 17 PMHolidays are supposed to be a relaxing and restful time but I always come home feeling beyond exhausted. It is mostly sleeping in a strange bed without my “cool contour cervical memory foam pillow”. Yes, a first world problem at its highest. Poor baby is staying at a hotel so fancy that she needs a card with directions to work the shower and has a TV in the bathroom and she is complaining about not having a certain pillow.

Yesterday we got home and though I was tired I had to move my body after sitting on the plane. It wasn’t even a long flight but it is such a cramped space. I have no idea how people do flights that are much longer. It would take a lot of Ativan for me to get through it. Actually, yesterday was the first time where I didn’t take an Ativan while flying. Do you want to know why? Not because I have reached some sort of Balance or Mindfulness. No. I figured if the plane is going to go down an Ativan is not going to make me feel calm. By the end of the flight I was pushing old people and mothers with small children out of the way so I could get out. OK, that is a lie but I did want to yell at people to HURRY! We got home and I did 5 loads of laundry, changed the beds, cleaned the bathroom, unpacked, had a visit with my (step) dad, cleaned out the recycle and garbage bins, had a chat with our neighbour, cleaned the kitchen, replied to several e mails and about a dozen other things. It would have made sense to sit but I just couldn’t sit still for one moment longer. By bedtime I was more than ready for bed.

But it was a nice holiday. We started in Edmonton then on to Drumheller then to Edmonton. We also went up to Hinton for two nights so I could see the Northern Lights but they were not in the mood to shine so I will have to wait for another time. From Hinton we drove to Jasper and there really are no words. Even pictures don’t describe the beauty. The camera did make the sky a little bright but that is the real colour of the water and trees.



It is spectacular and so quiet and the air is clean. We also went to the hot springs and I decided to never, ever leave. It was as close to heaven on earth as you can get. It would have been so easy to fall asleep if I wouldn’t have drown. But leave we did and I want to go back.Soon!

Physio today. Ugh. Getting tired of going and tired of the pain. Today I had the dry needling with a little extra zing. Not kidding. There were electrodes attached to the needles. It felt like you think it would feel.

And a little sad note. Our other cat, Sheldon has not been well and we decided to put him down today. The things is, he took off this morning and hasn’t been seen since. His routine is to go sit on the deck in the sun every morning after his breakfast.Ā  He sits on a padded deck chair and has a nap. This morning he actually went down the stairs and we have called all day for him and checked every inch of our yard and around it and he is just gone. When we called the vet they said that this kind of thing happens all the time. It is like he knew. We guess he went off to die. It is upsetting because he probably has several days yet and we wanted to be preemptive so he wouldn’t suffer. Maybe he will turn up and then we can take him. Going back outside right now to check.

Sorry that I have been negligent on reading your blogs. Will try to catch up this week.

12 thoughts on “Oh, But I am Tired

  1. Very sorry to hear about your cat but they know best. And if alone and private is how he wants to die, then animals should have that.

    Nothing wrong with wanting your own pillow.

  2. Sorry to hear about Sheldon. Hopefully he will die peacefully on his own and save you the expense and stress of taking him to the vet. Beautiful pictures.

  3. I missed your writing though I’m an infrequent commenter. I’m glad you had a nice vacation despite the pillow. And I’m super sorry about your cat.

  4. Those pictures are to die for. I can only imagine how you felt while being there. I wouldn’t want to leave either. Alright, the fact that you had to clean house when you got back is crazy. That is the one reason why whenever David and I go off to recharge (which is rare) I always clean the house completely from top to bottom so I only have laundry to do when we get back. But then your daughter was home, am I right?
    Poor Sheldon. The little guy just went off on his own to enjoy life before the last day on earth. Somehow they know these things. Cats and dogs are very intuitive when it’s their time.

    • My husband kept telling me to sit and that the housework wasn’t going anywhere but it happens whenever I go away. I have to put everything back to order. My daughter was here with Papa but he and she are two peas in a pod. Have as much fun as you can! Clean only when you have to. šŸ™‚

  5. Poor kitty…I am so sorry for him and you. Wow, but you visited some beautiful sites…Now, I hope you can get some rest. Hugs!

  6. Gorgeous! Glad for your adventure, sorry about Sheldon. I would love to see the Northern lights someday as well, I guess in that way I do have a bucket list! Happy vacay recovery šŸ™‚

  7. Oh no I’m sorry to hear about Sheldon.

    Doing 10 hour frights in Economy class often to the States I am now just starting to wonder if I’m getting a bit too old to do it actually. My kneecaps ache and for the first time ever I’m beginning to feel sick too. Oh I can’t sleep without my memory foam pillow either. šŸ˜€

    The water in those photos looks amazing, so clear.

  8. I guess Sheldon wants to check out on his own terms. It’s true what the vet says, they do that sometimes. Independent until the end, that’s cats. Sorry for your loss, Birdie.

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