Can You Guess Where I Am?

I amhd1 not at home. Instead I am at a B&B in this community. This picture of a hoodoo was stolen from the Internet because I just realized I left the cord to my camera at home so I can’t show the picture I took. When I get home I will replace the picture. But here is a funny story that was not at all funny at the time. The first time I came to this place I was still dating my husband. We had gone to walk around and it was super muddy, mud like I had ever seen.  It was difficult walking. It happened so fast, my feet went out from under me and slipped all the way down the hoodoo. At the time I had to go to the bathroom and I ended up peeing my pants. I was so embarrassed! I didn’t dare tell him. My clothes were covered in mud. Literally, head to toe. My shoes were just a light walking shoe and were so bad they had to be thrown out. When we got back to the B&B I was at a loss at how to get in without tracking mud everywhere. In the end I was grateful that our room had its own outside entrance because I slipped off my clothes faster than you can say “Jack Robinson” and scrambled into our room. To this day I don’t know if anyone saw me but I couldn’t risk bringing mud into our room. I had forgot all about all of this until today and I told my husband about peeing myself. We had a good laugh. Oh, how things have changed. Now that age and perimenopause are upon me I pee myself all the time and think nothing of it. Now I just wear a pee pad! TMI? Too bad. If you have been reading my blog you know that nothing is off topic here.

Anyway, I am now alone in our room. My husband knows my introvert ways and my need to solitude and has gone for a walk. For all our difficulties we have had he is still the man that knows me like no other and for the most part honours me. We definitely need to find better ways at communicating because I am the typical woman that wants to talk about everything right now and he is the typical man that never wants to talk about anything ever. We have both come a long way and have a ways to go but at the moment I am content with that. I am so overly emotional and he is not at all emotional. There is no doubt that we both find living with each other challenging. It is interesting how we often choose partners that are so different from ourselves. In the beginning it was his strength that made me love him. Now I sometimes see his strength as unemotional. In the beginning it was my sensitivity that made him love me. Now my sensitivities can be frustrating. Ah, but we shall fine our way.

hcAll I can hear right now is the mini fridge humming. I am drinking coffee and getting ready to read my new book. Or I might have a nap. Or I might just sit and listen to the silence. We are going out to dinner and a play later.

12 thoughts on “Can You Guess Where I Am?

  1. I’ve been to those hoodoos myself — you’re in Drumheller, Alberta! Are you attending a theatre production in Rosebud, Alberta, by any chance? Or is something theatrical going on in Drum? HAVE FUN!!

  2. I know that mud. We were in Drumheller a couple of years ago and I got out of the car, took two steps and my shoes suddenly weighed five pounds each. I can’t imagine having it all over. I’m glad you two got away and are enjoying yourselves. Take care.

  3. Birdie, as far as being sensitive goes, don’t worry about it. It is a part of you, your personality, just as much as it is mine. You know that I am a HSP (highly sensitive person) and this will never change. Sure, I can try and work on things, become better, etc., but I will always be sensitive.

  4. Love this story 🙂 The only hoodoos I know are down in Oregon near Crater Lake or around Banff in Alberta, but I’m going out on a limb and guessin’ that they occur more than those two places! Have fun 🙂

  5. Loving that you are having a weekend away.
    And snickering at your mud and piddle story. I wonder whether anyone did see you – and whether they are still dining out on the story.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Well they opposites attract. I’m NOTHING like my partner but we’ve just celebrated 29 years together. It’s been tough, still is, but we’ve made it so far. I hope you do too. Enjoy your break and try not to fall in the mud.

  7. How was the play? Thanks for telling me about your lamb. This is the fun thing about blogging, all the sharing and also, I laughed when you wrote TMI? Too bad.

    I might steal that. It’s pretty flippin’ funny.

  8. Have a great time, yes you will find your way and yes I do think that my partner arrived to me to complete me and he did for a time. I learned many things about myself and laughed so much more. He really is my other half. However….we are changing and growing(due to the lessons we bring each other) and that means that our dynamic has changed too. I hope that the reasons we arrived at each other in the first place still hold strong, though I wonder some times.

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