Life Shouldn’t Be This Exhausting

So much going on but it is just life stuff and nothing really of consequence and not all that interesting to write about but I will anyway.

My work injury continues to give me pain. My hip and lower back are improving but my shoulder is causing a lot of pain and decreased range of motion. Working is really hard. My doctor decided to retire so I met my new doctor yesterday who has taken his place. She is going to to fill my doctor’s shoes just fine. He is a kind and gentle man that not only practices medically but also believes in the benefits of chiropractic, massage therapy and Reiki. He would not have just any doctor take over his practice. Anyway, she decided to bring out the big guns prescription wise and I have started taking it. It is called Vimovo. Has anyone ever taken it? Does it work? Because so far it isn’t. She has also written and prescription for a TENS machine which I will get on Monday. I have been using one at physio and it does seem to help.

This afternoon I got off work and ran a couple of errands and came home and read a few blogs but the need to sleep overcame me and so I did. Then I made myself get up even though I could have slept and slept but I was worried I wouldn’t sleep tonight but I likely would have slept right through to morning.

My printer is out of ink and it pisses me off that it is almost cheaper to buy a whole new printer than ink. Typical of our consumerist throw-everything-away world. Remember the days when you bought a fridge and it lasted 30 years? Now you buy one and you get 7 years out of it then throw it away and buy a new one. Anyway, I did find ink online but I am not in the right frame of mind to spend $50.00 on ink. I will not likely every be in the frame of mind to do that but maybe I will at least be a little less grumpy about it.

Did I mention I was grumpy? No I did not. But I am.

This afternoon I met my new nurse leader that encouraged me to try to keep moving forward physically and try to not put too much stock into what a certain employee insurance company is telling me to do about my injury. According to them I should be completely healed by Thursday. Not Wednesday. Not Friday. Thursday.

My heating pad was getting cold and I just realized it came unplugged. I am too lazy, tired and too sore to stand up and plug it back in. Fucking entitled me and my first world problems. It is time for dinner soon and then I am going to have a hot bath then bed.

9 thoughts on “Life Shouldn’t Be This Exhausting

  1. The strongest pain killer I’ve ever tried is Tylenol 3. LOL!
    I hope it helps. The new drug. I’m glad the new doc seems promising.
    Insurance companies are pretty much assholes.

  2. Hey Birdie. Sorry you are grumps grumps today, but understandable. I don’t know if this will help you but since I dropped dairy, I heal faster and I’m not in chronic pain. I also though, don’t eat anything with refined sugars and I find this really helps me move around a lot butter. NO IDEA if it will help you or even if you’re interested, but I’m tossing it out there, because I understand what it means to always be in pain.

    Here’s a to healing in your own time.

  3. I hope the medication does the trick and helps you feel better soon. My husband took Naproxen which is in your Vimovo, for his gout and that is what gave him his minor heart attack. Those NSAIDS can do that to a small group of people so don’t worry you most likely won’t have this problem.
    The thing about the printer ink is in the past the printers used to have the printer heads in them but they would get clogged with ink over time. Now to avoid this they just put the expensive printer heads in the ink cartridges. Ya we have to pay a small fortune for the ink now but you’ll never have a clogged printer head. At least that is what I was told by this guy that worked selling the things. Who knows if they haven’t changed everything since then. Seems the manufacturers like to change everything just so we have to keep replacing stuff and spend more money. UG!

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