Stupidly, I Go


I took this picture at Costco today. I am not kidding.*

What the hell was I thinking when I decided it would be a good idea to go to Costco today? Every other person in my city must have decided to go today because it was a mad house. The fact is I was planning a trip there to get a shit-load of things a month ago before I hurt myself at work. After that I couldn’t lift a jug of milk so I kept putting it off until today. My daughter, who is remarkably strong for such a petite frame, came along and did all the heavy lifting for me but I will still lifting the lighter items. That means a Costco bag of peas which weighs in at about 5 pounds. 5 pounds is not heavy until you can’t lift 5 pounds. Anyway, now I am sore but happy because I got 2 pairs of leggings (fleece lined!) and pair of pants and they all actually fit very nicely. You never know with Costco because you have to wait until you get home to try them on.

I wanted to rest today because I have been sore again but my daughter, bless her heart, had other plans. And you know, I do not mind at all because she is so polite and helpful; my heart’s joy. She does well in school and volunteers and she is getting so grown up. I miss my baby but love the woman she is becoming. Anyway, we both grow eyebrows like Eugene Levy and she wanted to get them waxed so I took her to do that. Then she needed to go across town to pick up her Highland kilt and pay her instructor for lessons. And of course she wanted to stop and love every cat in the city but settled for just one at one of the cat rescues. It was her idea to go to Costco because she wanted some leggings as well. Now we are home and she carried everything in from the car and put it away. She even put my clothes in the dryer. But that is mostly because she needed it but a couple of years ago she would have thrown my clothes on the top of the washer.

Now I really am being lazy but not totally lazy because I just folded a load of laundry and now I am going to clean the bathroom because I have “issues” with getting into a bathtub that has soap scum on it. I could leave it but won’t. Maybe I might even throw a Mike’s Hard Lemonade into the fridge and have it when I sit in the hot tub tonight.

*Okay. A total lie. That is not Costco. It just felt like it.

9 thoughts on “Stupidly, I Go

  1. COSTCO? I had thought that you were brave, and no I know it!!!
    We recently got one here, and my partner signed up. He insisted a few days later that I NEEDED to come and see it. And I hyperventilated my way round the warehouse. Overwhelmed doesn’t begin to describe it. And you went there willingly…

  2. I’m drinking wine like it’s becoming illegal tomorrow. Sigh. I love Costco, but I’ve had some of the worst panic attacks of my life there! LOL! It’s crazy.

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