Norbert Does Hate Me

The laziness continues. Another day of doing fuck all. Well, that is not exactly true. I did a load of laundry and hung it on the line. I am like a beached sea lion but I am on the couch. It would be nice to think that at least I don’t have the whiskers of a sea lion but that would be a lie.

My husband and I are planning a holiday within Canada and have discovered that we really do need a cell phone. I have a work cell that I only use if I have to contact a nurse leader. Years ago I had a personal cell but never used it so I got rid of it. Now we are looking to get a cheap phone just for our trip but they are all so expensive. There is no need to spend $100.00 plus minutes to have a cell phone just in case. All I really need to do is find someone with an old cell phone and just get a sim card and buy 20 minutes.

Here is something interesting to anyone that thinks the Ungrateful Bastard really does love me. He doesn’t. It has now been proven by science that he doesn’t give a shit. I am not convinced that all  are without love because our other cat Sheldon is more loving than any dog I have ever known.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I coloured my hair last week and it was a total disaster. It went black. Not nice black but 80’s punk rocker, Marilyn Manson and not in a good way black. It was dreadful. I went right back to the store with a hat on and bought the stuff that takes out the colour you just put in. After I looked online and apparently there are reviews for hair colour now (who knew) and everyone that reviewed it said the same thing happened to them. And no, I didn’t do a damn strand test.

9 thoughts on “Norbert Does Hate Me

  1. Interesting article but I don’t think it’s entirely sound. I know Maurice is very glad when we come home after having been away.
    I have had some bizarre and horrible hair-coloring results in my life. The worst is when you PAY someone to do it and then you hate it and you’re out a hundred bucks. I don’t even bother with it anymore.

  2. Yes cell phones are stupidly expensive. I gave up colouring my hair long ago because I can’t do it at home and it’s too expensive at a salon. Now I just have white stripes down the sides of my face and my bangs are stripey too. It’s weird going from dark brown to white hair. I keep getting these hairs that have fallen out of my head and landed on my arm or hand but can’t find them because they are such a light colour.
    Sometimes a long hair will fall over my face and I’m constantly waving my hand around in front of my face trying to find it because I can’t see the dang thing. I wonder if blondes have this problem too.

  3. Sorry about your hair. As for dogs, ours are so full of love, it’s wonderful. We just got me a mobile phone. 25 bucks, no tax or fees, no contract. 1000 minutes and/or texts. We got it because we’re ditching our landline.

  4. Some cats do, some cats don’t. And, as the article says, they don’t need us – so if they stay it is a huge compliment. Some days.
    I currently have a scabby head because I had the audacity to sit in my chair – which interrupted Jazz’s view.

  5. I never did stand tests either… Been years since I died it now, but I do enjoy a stinky henna rinse every once in a great while. Sorry about the phone crap, it boggles us how many people are so attached to their devices and how much they can spend per month! We got out of the mainstream and use a… well I don’t know how it works but it’s dirt cheap and we like it. I leave that stuff to the tech dept (AKA the hubs). I hope one of those “burner phones” I hear about on murder mystery shows works for ya, those seem cheap and easy. If they’re good enough for a murder, should be good enough for a just in case vacation emergency phone.

  6. My phone was $39 bucks, no contract and I pay as I go with a 50 dollar phone card each month. That was the cheapest I could find via Walmart and T-mobile. Good luck.

  7. I envy you not having a personal cell phone, but then again, we don’t have a home phone because we never used it.

    Science is wrong! My cats love me. They want to cuddle even when it is warm.

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