It Started With ?

clutter1Back at work today as a supernumerary employee. That means I was placed as an extra worker and didn’t do much. All I was able to do today was fold some bed sheets and put on a client’s shoes. I tried making her a cup of coffee but couldn’t lift the kettle. Oh, well. Since I am the extra, the worker I have been placed with did everything I couldn’t do.
When I came home I did something small. I don’t even remember what it was now but it was something like putting a way a folder. As it often does with me, it led to other things. By the time I was finished I had done more decluttering and got rid of two more boxes of crap. Things like little jingle bells, notebooks, a VHS recorder, VHS tapes (not mine, my husband’s), old discs for computer’s I no longer own, dental floss, an old prescription for birth control pills that my last gynecologist gave me even though I told her I wouldn’t take them, a school binder, a pocketbook novel with pages made from newsprint (eww!), a thing for measuring moisture in plants (I only own one plant), an old light therapy lamp, 7 rolls of film (film!) and lots of other stuff.  It is all gone now, either in the garbage or the donate box. The birth control pills will be taken to the pharmacy to be disposed of properly. And the film will be taken to be developed if they even do that sort of thing anymore. It sounds like my home must be filled to the brim with crap when reality is there is actually very little. The stuff I am getting rid is not hoarded stuff but stuff that just accumulates.

clutterAnd now I am sore and achy which my physiotherapist tells me is a good thing because he wants me to keep active. Easier said than done but I feel I lived up to his expectations today. Actually,  I overdid it. My back is seizing up. It is so hard for me to be idle. The rest of the night I will sit on my heating pad then go to bed early.

I do feel like I am getting a cold but I will fill myself up with Cold Fx and that will be that.

14 thoughts on “It Started With ?

  1. Ah- I admire your decluttering so much. And yes, keeping active will eventually pay off but don’t be afraid of pain meds for what you suffer now. Okay?
    Love you, Birdie.

  2. I couldnt comment on your blog:( it gave me an error message.. ******************* you sure are having a rough time of it, Birdie.. get all the rest you can and feel better soon.. healing hugs, Sonny

    Wishing You a Great Day


    • I took all restrictions off my blog and was hoping it was going to be easier for everyone. All I have now is comment approval. I hope it is easier for you next time! 🙂

  3. I am so glad that you have a graduated return to work. Be kind to yourself though. Active, but not over active.
    And, in case you don’t get follow-up comments from my blog: Lifeline is a telephone crisis line I volunteer with. The calls last week were more than usually heart-breaking.

  4. Dear Birdie, I love to de-clutter…and I also love to organize, too. Good on you getting this done. For myself it feels so good! Hope it does for yourself as well. 🙂

  5. In the past when I’ve dealt with a seized up back, heat helped as did slowing down…do please take care of yourself. Hugs.

  6. Sorry to read that your back is giving you a bother. And I hope, hope, hope, that you don’t get that cold.

  7. Decluttering is great. Definitely clears stuff out before it accumulates and becomes overwhelming. We’ve been doing so much of that lately and I am overjoyed. I like having only the things we use in our home. Everything else just collects dust.

  8. Hey Birdie… Thank you so much for sending me a message on my Tabouleh blog close to a month ago… I have not been checking my blog at all… nada… zip… and today something told me to check and I found a wonderful message from you… I miss you… I read your blog posts on my email but have not been able to write comments… yes… as you are busy… I am as well… I wish I had your energy to write posts … I miss writing… I read the last post and wondered how I had the time to write all that last year. Funny! It’s so funny how crazy I am busy… I hope you feel better my sunshine… I am so glad that you enjoy the cushion and that it reminds you of me… just think of it as me thinking of you… I love you and feel well.

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