Two Nights Away

File 2015-09-03, 5 29 44 PMMy husband and I are cheap thrifty  We don’t like paying full price for anything so we we get all of of our mini-holidays through Island Daily Deals. Most often the stuff they offer is crap like manicures and eyelash tinting but they also have good deals on things like oil changes. Our latest was two nights here for $120.00. It looks, and is, very grand in the lobby and the outside. The bedrooms are very basic. No internet, TV, microwaves etc. The first night was OK but the power went off and it was pitch black in our room. We were given a flashlight but you had to wind it and keep winding it for it to work. There is no way you can wind a flashlight and use the toilet at the same time. The power was out all night and came on the next morning. The problem with that is I have sleep apnea and can’t sleep without my CPAP machine. OK, that is not true. I sleep but wake up every 45 seconds. That is what the doctor said when I was diagnosed. That afternoon I had cramps that were the worst I had in years. I took 800 mg. of Ibuprofen and it did nothing. In the end I also had a double dose of Tylenol and more Ibuprofen. Cramps went away but there is probably a crater in my stomach.  My hysterectomy can’t happen soon enough. So it wasn’t a great time away. Before we left I had a premonition that it wasn’t going to be a nice time and I thought about canceling.  I will say that we had the best pizza ever. It has spoiled regular pizza for the rest of my life.

So now we are home and I am glad. The laundry is done and put away,  bed sheets have been changed and the bathroom cleaned. Suitcases emptied and everything back where it belongs. Now to read blogs to find out what all of you have been up to.

16 thoughts on “Two Nights Away

  1. After looking at your link, I can see why the bedrooms are basic as people probably spend more time outside…Sorry your cramps diminished the trip. Were you able to enjoy the outdoors at all? It is beautiful.

    • The island is what heaven will look like in birdie’ world if there is one and if I make it. Yes, I did enjoy the outdoors. It was raining and glorious!

  2. This is spooky. I was just in the kitchen pulling eggplant out of the oven and you popped into my head and I was wondering about you. Then I sit down and bam, your comment was in my inbox. Spooky.

    As for the best pizza ever, yes, once the best of something is tasted, boy forget it. The rest can’t stand up to it.

    Sorry about the flashlight peeing thing. That doesn’t sound like any fun.

    PS: Have you ever tried fresh basil for cramps? Works like magic on me.

    • I haven’t tried basil for cramps. Does having it on pizza count? 🍕 seriously? Is it in tablet form from the health food store?
      I bet your pizza is damn good.

      • When I used to get the worst cramps, I would just eat the fresh basil raw and then I’d put some in decaf tea. I never tried basil in tablet form, but that might work, too. Depending on the quality of the tablet, but still fresh I think would be best.

  3. Wow, Birdie, that place looks gorgeous from the website. Were there lights in the common areas after your lights went out? And it seems candles would have been so much more romantic, though I can imagine they might not trust all guests with candles. The outdoor spaces look like they might make up for a basic room, though. Did your room have a view like the one pictured? Anyway, I’m proud of you both for getting away.

  4. That pizza does look amazing! Sorry about the terrible cramps… I got a surprise mid-cycle odd bleed in hospital that was rather annoying but thankfully not painful. I hope it is short lived and takes a break while you wait for the surgery, we can only hope, right? 🙂 In the mean time more amazing pizza sounds reasonable to me 🙂

  5. That looks like a beautiful place to spend a few days. Sorry to hear it wasn’t as great as you had hoped, stupid cramps and power outage. I haven’t been away on a holiday with my husband in over 19 years.

    • Sparkles, it makes me sad that you have not been on a holiday for that long. It was that way with my ex-husband. The disconnect in the end was impossible to repair. It was more than just not going on holiday together, it was everything. He lived his life and I lived mine. I hope that at some time you will be able to get away. even for just a couple of nights. We would not be able to afford it if it were not for the Island Daily Deals that we get.

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