Desecrating a Library Book 

From the time I was very little I loved the library.  The smell. The quiet. And books. More books that I could read in a lifetime. When I was in my teenage rebellious years and I didn’t want to go to class I didn’t go out back and smoke or leave the campus. No. I went to the library. (I wasn’t a total loser. I did go other places like McDonald’s and to the beach.). The library still calls to me and I go weekly. It is no longer a quiet place of refuge for my introvert heart. Now it is loud most of the time with little children running around and staff laughing and clearly enjoying themselves. It isn’t so bad. It is only sometimes that I miss the quiet. We need to allow children to have fun at the library and who needs to be shushed by a librarian?

But there is this. Who writes and underlines in a library book? Signinig out a book is a privilege. So let’s not be assholes and write in a book doesn’t belong to you!

I opened one of the books I just signed out and saw this.  

And then this on almost every page. 

Who does that? They should have their library card cut up. It annoyed me so much that I got out my trusty eraser and started erasing.  

Maybe I am just getting old and grumpy. But in my world you don’t spit on the pavement and write in library books. 

(Sorry for large and crappy images. Pictures and post written on my iPod.)

14 thoughts on “Desecrating a Library Book 

  1. Add me to the grumpy list. The only book you are allowed to write in and underline is one that you own. And it is still a crime.
    Miind you, a librarian friend talked of finding a fried eggs used as a book mark in a book returned to the library. And banana skins used for the same purpose were apparently not uncommon.

  2. thank you for attempting to erase and at least they used a pencil and not a highlighter…some people do not understand “borrowing privileges.”

  3. Semi-guilty here. 😚 I’ve put pencil dots in the margin so I can go back and journal about what stood out to me. But I do go back and erase them before returning the book. 😁

  4. That ticks me off too Birdie. I have a deep love for books and reading too. One thing that really gets me is when someone intentionally cracks the spine of an otherwise perfect book. That’s just the ocd in me though, I think. So any people have traded me for reading my books so carefully but you should see my bookcase. Lol. Even my paperbacks are pretty pristine … Well aside from the most loved. Those ones are threadbare and drop pages like fall leaves. 🍃

  5. It bothers me too when someone ruins a perfectly good book. I’m a book lover too and it would make me madder than a wet hen to see that some idiot has desecrated a book like that.

  6. I am a librarian by training. Having worked in a university library, I can tell you that scrambled egg and banana peel are not the worst things I have seen regarding bookmarks or damage to books and other materials.

    As a public library patron in my community, I’ve seen whole pages ripped from books which render them unreadable. I’ve also sometimes donated new books to the public library when part of a two volume set is missing or I know it is a book many read. I’ve had bloggers tell me they did not know it was possible to do that, but libraries also cannot always afford to replace everything that is lost or damaged.

    If you are feeling particularly generous, approach your local librarian and ask about donating a new book to replace one which has been damaged or lost.

    • It bothers me but our local library will not accept donated books. I have offered and they say that they will only go into their book sale where they will get sold for .50 cents of a dollar.

  7. When I read a library book, I often wonder about the people who’ve read it before me. Underlining in pencil is one thing, that can be undone. Highlighters, boogers, and other sticky things are disgusting!

  8. Who does that? Someone who feels entitled. I had a helpline call at work, someone looking for us to move her things for free into a new place. I patiently explained that we don’t do that. “But I go to your support groups!” Also free. I can see her underlining in a library book.

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