I Really Can’t Imagine

It is impossible for me to imagine what the “Dirty Thirties” were like. Years without rain. Your previously prosperous land turned into a desert. Waiting and praying for rain to come before you lost everything. It has been the driest summer on record here. But today it is windy and raining and I am so glad. I shall not get too confident because one day of rain does not mean the end of our drought. It has been very dry, especially considering we live in a rain forest. With no snow pack at all last year on the nearest mountain, something that has never happened in my lifetime, it is disconcerting. In our home we already conserve water. We have a bucket in our kitchen sink and the run off is used to water the garden. We don’t flush the toilet unless we need to. We also have rain barrels. (We have filled 2 today.) For our baths and showers we are frugal. And of course, we never water our lawn. But at any rate, I will live in the moment and enjoy this amazing day. Sorry for all the clanging in the background on the video. I do love, love, love wind chimes. My mother said that she would visit me through the wind chimes so I have a lot of them.

That silly little video took a ridiculous amount of time to get onto this post. I had tried uploading it through WordPress because I did it in the past but now it is apparently part of the Premium plan, the same plan that gets rid of those damn ads at the bottom of my posts. Anyway, I ended up having to go through You Tube. I really need to learn to better manage my time!

PS – I have named most of the trees in my yard. Don’t judge  me!

9 thoughts on “I Really Can’t Imagine

  1. I wish I could send you some of the buckets of rain that have fallen here today…and I don’t blame you for naming trees. Had I a garden of my own, I would do the same.

  2. I love the rain, Birdie, and I pray that you get a good amount of some much needed rain. I love the video, so nice to hear your voice. 🙂

  3. It made me feel so happy to hear your voice. I felt like clapping! Loved the wind chimes, and the trees! I never thought to name my trees! Now I want to name all of them. I’m a sucker for rainy days…love them!

  4. This was lovely! I love the rain as well and the wind chimes and the trees singing, it was glorious. I wanna meet all the trees… “Real Trees of Birdie’s Yard” episode please! (Yes that was a poorly executed “Real Housewives” joke ) 🙂

  5. We have had the hottest, driest summer on record – 28 days over 90 degrees (which is hot here.) Everything is brown. We always conserve but this is a good reminder.

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