no-garlic-vampIt is a good thing that you, dear reader, are reading this post and not sitting next to me because I had the most delicious Caesar salad with a homemade dressing, made by yours truly, with enough garlic to keep a legion of vampires away. I also made a lovely spaghetti sauce out of our fresh garden tomatoes and cilantro, oregano and basil from the herb garden. It too had loads of garlic. And not that shit garlic from China. It came from a local farm. I think garlic tastes good in pretty much everything but ice cream.

Norbert just came up and sat with me! He stayed for a whole 10 seconds then ran away. The only time he will spend time with me is when I give him Temptations. If he was human and not a cat I would of set him loose long ago. Damn, I do love that stripey white bellied beast.

10 thoughts on “Garlic!

  1. LOVE this post! LOVE IT!

    P.S. There’s a garlic festival and they give away free garlic ice cream, in baby cone size. I never tried it, but would if given the chance.

  2. I love Caesar salad, and I love garlic! I remember reading once that if whoever you are eating with also eats garlic the smell will not be a problem, as you have both eaten it. šŸ™‚

  3. I am very, very generous with garlic too. Love the stuff.
    We really are under the thumb of the furry dictators aren’t we? And if Jazz had opposable thumbs I am pretty certain he would attempt a coup…

  4. Oh Norbert hahaha

    And garlic comes from CHINA?! *no clue* We’ve had some cooked/roasted garlic in whole cloves lately when we dine out and it is divine!

  5. Could Norbert be a vampire kitty and your breath drove him away? I wouldn’t discount it.

    • Garlic is good. We have a friend who basically lives on garlic and beer. He never, ever gets sick.
      Maurice slept with me for awhile last night. I feel like I should pay her.

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