Cabin Fever

cfI often dream of retiring but since I have been stuck at home with a back injury for two weeks I am losing my mind. I can’t watch anymore Netflix or read another book. I feel like my brain is turning to cotton. This morning I was supposed to have a teleconference with several people regarding my return to work tomorrow but nobody could make it so it was cancelled. It was a call between W0rks@fé, my nurse leader, a uni0n rep, 0ccup@tional health and safety and myself. Apparently everyone is on holidays.  (Sorry to be all cryptic. I have heard stories of them finding information about people online.)

Summer is winding down here and I am so glad. A beautiful breeze is blowing. My bed had an extra blanket added to it last night. It is blessedly quiet at the moment and for now there are no cars and motorcycles with extra loud motors roaring up and down the road.


Well, I wrote that yesterday and things have properly fallen into place. This afternoon I went to physio and even I didn’t realize how screwed up I am. The physiotherapist put me through all these tests. The earliest I will be able to return to work will be another 2 weeks. And then it will be as an extra worker and a graduated return. That is a huge weight off my mind because I can’t lift any weight more than a few pounds right now.

In other news I am updating my blogroll so if I disappear I will be adding you back. Currently I have two going but only need one.

Norbert is sitting with me on my bed and cleaning himself. Maybe he has a hot date tonight.

13 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Don’t lose me on this update. I find these comments post as breakfastplace instead of Granny Annie. That is an old WordPress site I used to have and never used. Sorry for you long delay in recovery and wish you well. If you want a cute watch that is basically for mindless drivel on Netflix, watch Midsomer Murders. It is kind of a British version of Murder She Wrote only the inspector is a male, Chief Inspector Barnaby. I love watching each episode and guessing the murderer.

  2. Birdie, I laughed at your comment about Norbert perhaps having a hot date tonight. 🙂 It sounds as if he is aware of your condition (cats are pretty good about that) and is trying to comfort you. I think a graduated return to work is just what you need and will be better for you and definitely less stressful, too! Take good care of yourself and use the time to relax and to just be! Sending you many hugs and hoping for a great recovery.

    I wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my blog post the other day, it touched my heart and I really appreciate your friendship.

  3. Well, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been confined to quarters for another two weeks. Sadly, that is a situation some people face everyday. Perhaps you can follow Sheldon’s lead and sit in the garden for a bit since there is a breeze. Is it possible for a friend to come by and either visit or take you out? Now would be the time…I do hope you feel better soon and that Norbert enjoys his hot date.

  4. Being at home is one thing. Being at home when you can’t do anything is an entirely different matter! I feel for you!

  5. Sorry about the cabin fever, I hope Norbert has a great date and can entertain you with stories of his crazy night on the town 😉

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