My Day So Far

I slept in, again. I have been so tired since I injured myself at work and have been having trouble sleeping. I wake up from dreams that I have broken my hip or neck. When I wake up that part of my body hurts. I am still spending most of my days on my bed with ice packs.

ronThis morning I coloured my hair. I chose a red the last time I coloured and I ended up looking like Ronald McDonald. I had to wait a few weeks for it to tone down and give my damaged hair a rest. I did it with an ash colour so now it looks like hair and less like red wool. Still way too much red though.

I got one of the sweaters that I ordered from Sears in the mail today. Who knows what happened to the other one. It is not terrible so I am going to take it to my TOPS group tonight and see what people think. It is made well, which came as a surprise so I might keep it. Maybe I will get the guts to post a picture of me in it but I doubt it.

Sitting or resting in bed is getting boring. I have watched all of Being Erica on Netflix and now looking for something else. I loved that show. It is so different and it challenges all the things we think about when it comes to regret and changing the past. I also love that it was shot in Canada! Now what am I supposed to watch? I have seen Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Drop Dead Diva, Bomb Girls, Land Girls, Schitt’s Creek, Raising Hope, Derek, Arrested Development, Grace & Frankie and Orange is the New Black. (This is over a 4 year period! Not all at once.) There were a few others that I tried but I gave up on. Weeds was one of them. All I wanted to do is to yell at her to get a real job and stop drinking fucking smoothies. She annoyed the hell out of me. I also tried Mr. Selfridge and I liked it but didn’t love it so I gave up on that. I sort of get tired of the court case shows. They are all the same. A horrific crime (that usually upsets me even though it is only acting.) Forensics come in with their little flashlights. It looks like the murderer will get away with it right up to the end when they find that final clue that puts everything into place. I also tried watching House but I don’t get that show either. He is a bully and an asshole. I know enough bullies in my life without having to watch them in my home.  SO, any suggestions on what I should watch next. I am not going to be very mobile for several days yet.

18 thoughts on “My Day So Far

  1. Sorry you are still laid up!
    Have you watched Doc Martin? One of my faves…watch it on PBS…still waiting for Season 6…
    House of cards is pretty seedy but good….I also hear Friday night lights is good…
    There,….chew on these for a while….hahaha

  2. There is one netflix show I saw recently…a documentary called The World Before Her, and it showcases different girls in India, some very traditional and others very modern. I thought it was really interesting.

    I’ve been so desperate for something to watch I queued up The Tudors again…can’t get enough of that show. I tried Orphan Black but couldn’t get into it at all. The Burning Plains was another good movie…very thought provoking.

    Heal fast Birdie!

  3. Life’s a Breeze
    Last Tango in Halifax
    Pelican Dreams
    Marvin’s Room
    Doc Martin

    There you go. Happy viewing. If you think you won’t like these, I have more.

  4. I haven’t been sleeping very well either, Birdie. And I have vivid dreams every single night. The dreams have been happening for months now and I am beginning to think that they are the product of an over imagination. LOL!

  5. I disliked House for the very same reason! I’ve worked with docs like him and they are a nightmare, especially when they treat the patients like crap.

    I wish I had some suggestions for you but I’m not a TV watcher (or Netflix).

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. I have those same dreams about broken body parts. No fun.

  6. I don’t watch TV either. I could recommend a thousand different books if you’re interested. Hope your back on your feet real soon.

  7. I know I’m a day late, but Orphan Black is my favorite besides The Walking Dead. I don’t think you would like The Walking Dead. Too many zombies. Orphan Black is kinda fun though it has its wicked mean people like Rachel. My favorite characters that Tatiana Maslany plays are Sarah, Alison, Helena, and Cosima. Also Sarah’s foster brother Felix is a hoot and a great actor. You really have to see Orphan Black.

  8. Watch How I Met Your Mother!!! Seriously, I watched all 208 episodes and loved every one of them! They are funny! I was so late to the party, but I’m glad I took them in.
    I’m watching Downton Abbey right now. I love it!
    Have you seen Breaking Bad?! That’s also an awesome series. Well written.

  9. I have watched everything you have watched and have felt about the same. I also had Ronald McDonald hair before and actually kind of liked all the attention I got. LOL Hang in there.

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