Thank You

Thank you for all your excellent comments on yesterday’s post. Each of you gave me something to think about. It is interesting how we can all look at each situation with a different set of eyes. At any rate, I need not make a decision today.

I am making a rotisserie chicken today after soaking it in brine for 24 hours. I have never cooked a chicken this way before so I hope if works out. I used brown sugar in the brine instead of white. There was also soy sauce and olive oil and of course.

nexuxWhenever I drive by this street sign I have want to take a picture because I swear that this would only happen in my weirdly laid out city. How can a street intercept itself? It must be the Nexus of the Universe! Sorry the picture quality is grainy. I had my daughter take it as we were driving by.

Is everyone finding commenting easier or is it still a pain? Though I guess you won’t be able to answer that question if you can’t comment in the first place.

12 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Yours is not, fortunately, one of the blogs which I have trouble commenting on.
    Love that street sign.
    The weirdness is world wide though.
    I live on the inside corner of my street – and itself. Corner of x and x.
    Hugs. As always.

  2. I’ve been gone a a quick little 4 day vacation. What’d I miss? I never have a problem commenting here on your blog. Ooooo…I love the scripture reference at the bottom too. Guess I need to go back a view days and read some posts.

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