Meteor Shower

Well, my last post has gone into drafts because I really have trouble telling it all on a blog. It is there if I want to read it later. The post was about an argument with my husband but we didn’t make up so much as just pushed it aside. At any rate. we did have makeup sex in the yard under the meteor shower. So there is that.

I got fed up with Google Chrome tonight and installed Firefox. I can’t tell if it is any better. And because I almost have no clothes I ordered some shirts from Sears. I normally would never wear clothes from Sears but I was ordering vacuum bags and I didn’t want to pay for shipping so I added a couple of tops. Do you know how hard it is for me to find clothes that I don’t hate? It isn’t like I am even that into clothes at all. My entire wardrobe (not including socks, underwear, bras and pajamas that are kept in drawers) takes up about 4 feet of closet space. I don’t even like shopping! Lately I have been reminiscent of “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn’t suit me” so I decided to not go to the thrift store for once and buy something brand new. I had a bitch of a time navigating Sears website but I finally found two tops that didn’t anger me and bought them.


Well, damn. I just went to the Sears website so I could post a picture of what I bought and now I am having regrets. I don’t like these tops at all now! I am going to look like drapery. Thank god they have a return policy. No wonder they were on sale. This is why I don’t shop. I am not kidding. The last time I bought something new (other than the stuff that goes in drawers) was a dress to wear to my own mother’s funeral. I hate buying clothes. It never works out. It probably would help if I didn’t think Sears was a good place to shop. I am not in my 80’s. Damn those free shipping vacuum bags anyway! A few weeks ago I thought about sewing my own clothes but it would be even better to become a recluse and just don’t go out at all. Ever.

Sometimes I think I should take up drinking.

19 thoughts on “Meteor Shower

  1. Oh I hear you. I have almost total sales resistance – except where books and plants are concerned.
    Clothes? Meh. I buy something and wear it to death and beyond. Someone should take me in hand. Except I would hate it.

  2. I read your other post, but had no words for you…you seem to be his whipping post, and I don’t know why….
    Make up sex with a ” fat cow” ?…..hmmmm….makes me wonder who has the problems…
    As far as clothes shopping goes…I also have a heck of a time…
    I find Winners, the Gap and The Bay are good options for me…ordering online is not successful for me…
    I have tried Old Navy….never fits properly…the boobs are always a problem!
    I am sure you will work it out….
    Not fond of those 2 tops you ordered…go to Winners or, I forgot Marshall’s…lovely clothes and cheap!
    Hope you work things out…whatever that means!
    Cheers and hugs♥️
    Linda :o)

  3. I hate clothes shopping too. I end up hating what I bought because it’s always too big or the wrong material. Those blouses look like upholstery material leftovers. Yuck!

  4. I was howling with laughter at this post. I love you so much! I agree with Linda. I don’t think it’s you who has the problem. We looked for meteors but didn’t see any here in Illinois. I don’t mind the pink roses top. I tend to wear plain colors…no prints at all.

  5. Whenever I do buy new clothes, I go into a fit of anxiety. Don’t ask me why. I just bought a blouse off the Sundance sale site. I feel like a scaled Mt. Everest.

  6. Hi Birdie, had you not disabled the comments in your last post I had something to say about that! Don’t let anyone belittle you! Love and hugs. 🙂

  7. Just out of curiosity, how on earth to people enjoy sex outside? Do you not have mosquitoes where you live?

      • Did you get EATEN ALIVE? My god, in MN your blood would have been sucked dry within 5 minutes. I’ve always loved the idea of outdoor sex, but the wintertime is no good for obvious reasons, and the summer is horrendous with bugs. I admire you ladies who can get it done!

  8. Clothes. Ugh. I tend to find stuff in clusters, some seasons nothing at all, others I stock up. I’m all about clearance racks and outlet malls, price is a big thing but I think narrowing my options helps calm me down a bit-I don’t know how people juggle so many options! I have to narrow the field 🙂

    Meteor shower sex sounds fabulous, but I find myself wishing that you could feel desired and fabulous more day-to-day too 🙂 You are deserving and worthwhile!

  9. Sex Under the Perseid Meteor Shower, is what you should have titled this blog. Alas we have smoke in the air from fires in the US so we can’t see a dang thing at night. I was so sad when once again last night I couldn’t see a single star.
    I also hate shopping for clothing and now that I’m older and fatter it’s even more difficult. I gave up being stylish long ago. I’d settle for just having my arms covered up. Why is it so difficult to find a light top with a three quarter length sleeve? No one wants to view my flabby old lady arms. Every stinking top is short sleeve or sleeveless. I ended up finding some t-shirts from Penningtons online, a shop that has larger sizes. I wish we had an actual store that had larger size clothing but all we have is Walmart and their larger size clothing is horrible. Is it too much to ask for a t-shirt with 3/4 sleeve and no flowers or stupid logo on it? Oh, I think I just wrote my next blog in your comment section. LOL!!

  10. Dear Birdie,

    I am not a devotee of clothes shopping and do it rarely. As for meteor shower sex, it sounds lovely, but I am with Linda and others on this. I wish that you could feel loved and desired by someone who would never refer to you as “a fat cow.” While none of us is perfect, that behavior is just plain wrong and I do not think you should blame yourself for another person’s behavior or choices. If people were a bit more mindful, there would be less need for make up sex, no matter how nice. I wish you the best. You are a good person.

  11. What the hell is going on with Chrome these days? I’m loathe to change servers, but really — yesterday was so weird on the internets. I actually don’t have anything to add about makeup sex, although there was a tiny part of me that hoped he’d get hit in the back by a falling star.

  12. Bloody hell! I love shopping! Reitmans is my favorite place to hang out. I wish I was joking. I wait til I’m feeling like I need retail therapy first…then I go hard. Anyway.
    Outdoor sex is a Canadian must. Ha! There was this one time on the acreage where I was bent over a garden tractor that sticks out in my mind. Ahem. I’ve shared too much.

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