Oh, Happy Day!

Snoopy-happydance I wold be doing this happy dance if I could move about freely but I am still very sore. I had an appointment with the massage and the physiotherapist today. I don’t know all the medical terms for what I did but it is something to do with the muscles and tendons in my lower back and also another injury that caused my hips to legs to be out of alignment. The physiotherapist also did something with electrical currents that is supposed to reduce the inflammation. Then again, I was in pain so I was just nodding. He could have done a Judo flip on me and as long as I felt better after I would have taken it. The massage therapist helped my muscles and the physiotherapist put my body back into alignment and I have to see both again next week. I am not to lift anything over 10 pounds for the next week or so.

cramps (1)

My Ovaries!

However, none of that is the reason for my happy dance. I assure you I am doing a happy dance in my heart because I finally go to see a new gynecologist today and I am now on the wait list for a hysterectomy! I have been having so many problems and missing work but the other gynecologist wasn’t convinced that I needed one. She was on maternity leave so I saw a different one and he readily agreed. I can’t believe that I won’t have to deal with periods anymore! The wait list is about 6 months but I am guessing I will get in before that. I intend to have a Burn My Diva Cup Party when I get the surgery done. It is as exciting as a mortgage burning party. Do people do that anymore?


Look at the hate. Can you see it?

Norbert is being nice tonight and staying on my bed. I am wondering if he had a frightening run in with the renegade posse of raccoons that seem to live in our yard. They may not live here but they do have meetings liken unto Reservoir Dogs which I only watched the gawd awful preview because it scared me so much. Anyway, Norbert is being nice today and I have to take it when I can because he is a cat in the truest sense and will despise me just for wanting to pet him.






Sheldon sleeping on the garden bench with my daughter.

Our other cat, Sheldon is not doing well. He was always a huge cat (24 pounds in his glory days) and has been losing weight. My husband took him to the vet and it turns out he has cancer. He is 20 years old (96 in human years) this month so we are not going to treat him. It would be cruel to keep him living and put him through surgery and chemo. We have brought him home and are feeding him new cat food that is $3.00 a can and he is eating a little more. He gets brought down to the garden where we keep an eye on him. He likes to have naps on the garden bench. We have pillows out there so he is nice and comfy. When he starts to experience pain or shows any signs of discomfort we will take him to the vet and do what should be allowed to be done to any living being that is suffering and inject him with a needle and let him die. I want to bring him home and bury him in the garden but my husband isn’t sure. Sheldon is his cat and Norbert is mine so I have to be respectful of his decision. I am hoping to change his mind before Sheldon dies because Sheldon loves being outside in the garden. I think if he could ask that is where he would want to be.

OK, it is time for my bath.

10 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. I love that you are finally going to get some relief. I hope it IS less than six months wait. Much less.
    The decisions you made for Sheldon are ones I have made for much loved cats of ours. All of it. They came home and stayed in the garden after the final trip to the vet. The garden they loved.

  2. Nice to hear you feel a bit better. Please take it easy and I hope the consult with the gyn goes well, too. Sheldon deserves a nice resting place and your garden sounds perfect. Hugs.

  3. Wow 20 is old for a cat. Sorry to hear his time is near though cause it’s never fun to have to make that decision and lose a friend/family member.
    Glad to hear your new Dr. is willing to take out your bothersome lady bits. I hope it all goes smoothly and you feel like a new woman after. I know that I am very happy never to have a period again and haven’t really had any of the bad stuff from menopause so hopefully you’ll have that experience too.

  4. Poor Sheldon, but he had a long life. We buried our two cats in the garden.

    I hope the operation is a success when it happens, and the end of that area in your life is a good one!

  5. Poor old Sheldon. I hope it’s a little while longer before he goes. Things are looking up for you. I’m glad.

  6. Wow, Sheldon is impressive! I hope he has an easy transition when the time comes.

    A “Burn My Diva Cup” party sounds fabulous! I have heard of the mortgage burning parties but never heard of anyone I know having one. I hope everything goes quickly and easily in that regard 🙂 Hope the physical therapy helps and you don’t have trouble avoiding lifting stuff, it can be a challenge!

    “renegade posse of raccoons” ha! Hubs never trusts a raccoon, never haha

  7. I’ve always had more positive experiences with male OBGYNs. My daughter was delivered by a very nice man. I have a theory that women are tougher on women, thinking “I go through this every month too, she should just tough it out”. Whereas men are more “Oh shit! I’m so glad I don’t have to go through this, it must be awful. I want my Mummy!”

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