Do the Hustle!

I debated calling this post, “My Mom Was Awesome!” Because she was. Those of you that are new to my blog don’t know that my mom died at the age of 65 in 2011 of ovarian cancer. She was such a good mom. More than a good mom. Loving and kind, Funny and beautiful. I miss her every day.

One thing that makes me think of my mom is The Hustle.  She loved to dance and she was good! My brother and I would get her to dance for us. We would laugh and laugh as she did The Mashed Potato, The Twist and The Hustle to name a few. Today I heard the song The Hustle and I started crying. Not because I was sad but because I was so happy!

Scan0002 (2)

This picture was taken in the mid-eighties. We lived in a small close-knit neighbourhood and there seemed to be a party every weekend. In this picture my mom decided she wanted to dance so rolled up her pants and got a neighbour. She slicked back his hair and off they went. It is funny looking back. I forgot that my mom was ever this young.  I am guessing she was about 32 here.

11 thoughts on “Do the Hustle!

  1. A sweet memory…Loving, kind, funny and beautiful also describe you, Birdie. I am sure she was as proud to be your mum as you are to be her daughter.

  2. How lovely, Birdie, such nice memories! My mother was not a dancer but she could sing! She died in 1983 of a stroke. When I was a little girl, my mother and a friend of hers went to a night club and there was a singing contest there. My mother and her friend won, they were voted as the best singers! I absolutely love this song! 🙂

  3. It looks like your mom knew how to have a good time. What wonderful memories you have of her.

  4. What a great tribute to your mom. And what a wonderful photo! So much fun. We do forget that our parents were young once upon a time, don’t we? The perfect song to include in this post. This tune will be stuck in my head all day!

  5. Love that photo of your Mum Birdie, thank you for sharing it. She looks like someone who knew how to make the most of every second! Life is a funny old thing isn’t it? Hugs. Xx

  6. Love it! Happy tears are lovely, but bittersweet/happy/memory/appreciation tears are a special type of happy tears that have a more full bodied sweetness… If that makes any kind of sense 🙂 Sometimes crying is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Birdie, can you get this? I am having a terrible time trying to comment on your blog. xo granny Annie

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