Another Post Before Bed 

Today was such a long day at work. All my patients were fine but I was not.  My work cell rang when I was on the toilet. No way am I going to become one of those people and answer the phone while peeing.  Anyway, I just happened to be at the office at the time so just went upstairs.  Oh, I washed my hands first. So I get up there and two schedulers started in on me. It is not too important what they said but I was in tears by the time I got in my car. It likely isn’t a surprise to any of you that I am very passive. Quite honestly, most of the time it works for me. It doesn’t bother me when someone else leads. The world needs followers. That doesn’t mean I roll over.  No, I just choose my battles. And watch out when I do. So the two schedulers start in on me and by the time they were through I felt so… powerless. They more or less ganged up on me.  My afternoon was spent thinking of all time the things I should have said. All I wanted to do is come home and crawl into bed and sleep.

So that is where I am now.

So here I am in my safe and happy place with a couple new books. Sleep can’t come soon enough.

11 thoughts on “Another Post Before Bed 

  1. I have had days like this, Birdie. Don’t dwell on it. The “could’ve, should’ve, would’ve” will do nothing except bring you down and make you beat yourself up.

  2. You don’t deserve that and I’m sorry it happened. I hope you have restful sleep. I also hope the Dr. Bronner’s baby soap is good for you.

  3. It’s just the law of the universe that we can’t come up with good zingers when other people are yelling at us. I’m convinced the brain works slower when you’re being ragged on, and oh how many times I’ve thought of just the right thing to say…two days too late. Welcome to life. :p

    Enjoy the bunny and the books. Hey, weren’t you going to do a book review earlier? I was anxious to hear what you thought of that particular book (can’t remember the name of it off the top of my head). Have a good rest and sleep well.

  4. Oh I hate those scenarios!!! Happens far too often to me that I just turn tail or turtle up and hide until it’s over. I hope you had a soothing night with bunny and book 🙂

  5. Picking your battles is wise Birdie. I could get angry and indignant about lots of things and used to spend too much time taking things personally. I try just to keep my head down and get on with my work. Hope you are ok, it hurts sometimes doesn’t it? This week I came close – won’t go into it here and try to reflect without self blame or other blame but it sure is hard! I could rant but will just breathe instead! Xx

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